Exhibition stand installation, dismantling and storage


As a stand builder and exhibition stand provider in Europe, we offer you a full-service package. So, you don’t have to waste your time and money in organizing, tracking and communicating with all different suppliers. We will do that for you!

After your exhibition stand has been pre-built in the pre-build zone of our warehouse, it is either packed into one of our vans or trucks to transport to the show floor directly, or shipped with one of our shipping partners.

Once arrived on the show floor, our stand building team will build op your booth for the second time. We want you to focus as much as possible on your business and on the actual show instead of on your exhibition stand. That is why we take full ownership of your project. We’ll make sure all details and services will be delivered and executed as agreed. This includes services from external suppliers and organization e.g.;

Rigging / suspension cables – in case of hanging banners/signs or structures above your stand are needed

Flooring and carpeting – we offer a wide choice of carpet, vinyl and laminate. We can place this directly on the floor or on a platform (raised floor)

–  Furniture – we offer a wide choice of furniture from economic to luxury
–  Kitchen supplies
–  Coffee and catering
–  Audio Visual equipment
–  Transportation from the exhibition stand and/or your products to the show floor
–  Stand security
–  Flowering
–  Hostess service

Efficient and professional installation and dismantling of your booth in Europe

As there aren’t many show venues in Europe our stand builders haven’t been working in before, we know the situation we are to expect. This together with the fact that we had your stand already pre-built and that our stand builders carry many years of experience results in a quick, efficient and professional installation. With respect to local safety regulations and to the environment.

Storage of your exhibition stand graphics and the benefits of re-use

Is this exhibition a one-time event for you? In that case, we either send you after the show the re-usable graphics, or we’ll waste them for you.

Do you however plan to participate again in one or more shows? In that case, we store your graphics free of charge to be re-used on your next exhibition stand. Please note that re-using your graphics again will reduce the cost of your next exhibition significantly!

Interested in hearing how we can help you making your exhibition a success? Please let us know.



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