12 Convention Display Stands to stand out at the Events and Exhibitions

The exhibition industry is growing at a rapid rate to accommodate the ever-increasing need for convention display stands in the market. Unlike 10 years ago, display stands now not only act as stands to display products, but convention display stands have become much more than just that. A good display stand acts as an extension of the brand; it not only helps to attract more people but also reinforces the brand image in the visitor’s mind. It embodies the brand image while sticking strictly to the brand guidelines and helps to achieve the marketing goals.

With every passing year, new designs of convention display stands are introduced in the market. Since the market is competitive, there is a constant need to reinvent and put your best foot forward. There are a lot of options available when it comes to bespoke exhibition stands. There are modular and custom stands that are easily available in the market. A custom stand is specifically created for you, keeping in mind your requirements and briefing. It can be only be used once, whereas a modular display stands can be used several times and has a high return on investment.  According to your marketing plan and brand image, you can select either a custom stand or a modular stand.

Convention display stands also come in various styles and designs, you can ask your exhibition stand contractor for suggestions, and he will guide you accordingly. Exhibitions are not restricted to brands and product categories anymore.   Hence there are stands for every brand and every product category available easily in the market. With hundreds of styles and designs available of convention display ideas for stands online, many brands get overwhelmed. Also, finding the right design that suits your brand image isn’t really a cake-walk either.

To help you out with this, we bring you top 12 convention display stands to stand out at exhibitions

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Convention Display Stands Ideas

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How to Make a Mark through Engaging Convention Display Stands?

Now, once you’re aware of the benefits of having a display stand design, let’s focus on the ways through which you could get the best out of your convention display stand. Whether you’re planning to launch a new product or just holding a conference, always try to go beyond the basic walls of a stand and think innovative.

Make it Interactive

Creating a co-operative environment in your stand will help you attract attendees towards your brand. So, search for ways to get people involved in every aspect. You could run contests, offer giveaways or have interactive demo sessions. This will enable your target audience to actually interact with your product and leave a good impression of your brand rather than providing a demo, or distributing flyers and brochures.

Get social

In today’s tech-savvy world, social media has become a powerful market tool for entrepreneurs to promote their brand. Make use of this most effective promotional tool to generate buzz around your product or service and create awareness about your participation. You could create an event hashtag and promote it on your social network, which will lead them to your event. For example, you could offer some discounts or freebies to visit your stand. At the event, you could have a photo booth or Instagram worthy stations that will offer social opportunities for user generated content.

Partner with Brands to expand the reach

The best way to step out at a huge convention is by partnering with similar brands that have a bigger market reach than yours. But see to it that the brand you choose for potential partnerships make sense for your business. You could lookout for a brand with a larger social media presence. So, when they promote their event online, your event will also get a good reach.

Valuable Networking

Promising and promoting networking opportunities at an event is a great way to create engagement at your stand. You can structure the event and invite leaders and industry experts in a way where your attendees get ample time to communicate with the valued professionals. This meaningful tactic will not only entice people to attend your event but also make it worthwhile.

Incorporating Technology

One of the popular creative ideas for exhibition stands is to integrate technology in it so; you can use the same technic to make your convention display stand interactive. Virtual reality and augmented reality can be a powerful tool to woo your crowd. Enabling VR tech help businesses demonstrate their product more efficiently and let their customers connect closer to their product or service.

So, next time you participate in an event, make sure you follow the above tips to make the most out of it and invest in something unique and engaging to make your event worth your time, effort, and money.



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