15 handy exhibiting tips for a successful international show

15 Handy Exhibiting Tips For a Successful International Show


Being an exhibitor calls for an overall expert who can look at everything from a wide perspective. But when you plan to participate in an international exhibition, there are a number of things to keep in mind. Right from knowing the local language to being familiar with the local exhibition norms, you have to be on your toes at it. As an international exhibitor, you will meet people from various languages and cultures, which will eventually have an impact on your exhibition. Contacting the best exhibition stand builder is a part of the job but it is not all that you need to worry about. There might be times when you are good to go at a domestic exhibition show but in order to stand apart at an international trade fair, you need to get few things handy. Not easy to master, exhibitions come with added difficulties and when you plan to participate in international shows then you ought to know the details.

Get these tips handy once you are exhibiting abroad and have a worthwhile exhibition show.

International exhibiting requires more planning and efficient time management

Do in-depth researches before you travel abroad for the show. It might sound cliché but a foreign nation has different exhibiting rules and regulations that you must be aware of.

Know about the country you are visiting for the exhibition show. Study about the culture, city, people and few local greetings

There may be a few words or phrases that might not be politically correct in the country you have the show.. So, learn about the cultural and political differences, which help your interactions with the local attendees as well

Language is a vital element that plays a key role while you are exhibiting in abroad. For instance, different cultures have different connotations for phrases. So, if you are exhibiting in the USA, it is better to write “will you please...” in your e-mailers

There are countries where exhibiting is costlier than your home country. Know that beforehand to avoid any last-minute hassles. For example, exhibiting in the USA is 5 times costlier than in Europe. It is mandatory to have enough cash in your pockets for overcoming the incidental costs and have a stress-free exhibition

The usual expectations should be avoided but rather you should be more adaptable to the local situations arising in the exhibiting nation

Few countries do not accept cash for show services. So, be sure to carry your credit card along

International shipping is harder and if your exhibition materials are heavy and need to be shipped. So plan the shipment of your exhibiting materials accordingly

Contact your cell phone service provider and ask if you can use it overseas as well. Do this a month prior to your show for shunning any last surprises

Hire local persons as staffs for your exhibition stand. It is advisable to do so as a local person is well-versed with the native language and can make sure that your visitors are not moved away

Print your flyers, business cards, brochures and pamphlets in the local language to give a sense of closeness to the exhibition visitors

Be well-versed with the local decision-making process too. For instance, decision making in the Europe is quick whereas Asian countries follow a bottom’s up approach.

Getting your exhibition stands and exhibits through customs is a daunting task. It is better to choose exhibition stand hire package from a reliable exhibition stand builder.

Be as flexible as possible as managing a show in foreign land is a tedious task. Do not flaunt stubborn attitude with regards to the management of the show

Exhibition is a broad and vast platform and you need to be different to stand apart. Use these helpful tips and plan your show in the international show accordingly to have a worthwhile experience.

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