15 Large Exhibition Stands that help you stand out at Exhibitions


Today’s marketing scene is all about putting up a great show and creating a massive impact on your target audience. Be it any marketing platform, television, print media or even offbeat marketing platforms such as exhibitions; brands and companies are going out of the way to portray a larger than life image of their brand and product.

Exhibitions are a growing market, and it is highly competitive. Major brands and companies have been actively participating in exhibitions for years now.  Accomplished brands participate in exhibitions to reinstate their position in the market. They are not seeking to attract more customers but merely want to make their presence felt in the market, and this is why their exhibition stand designs are not only luxurious but colossal as well.

Large exhibition stands are majorly installed to show the audience the grandeur of a particular brand or product. Not only are large exhibition stands noticeable but they tend to attract a large number of audience as well.  Bigger stand designs look more welcoming and accommodating and most likely have a dedicated space to engage visitors which acts a plus.

To help you gauge the current market trends and give you an idea of how a good exhibition stand must be, we have compiled a list of 15 large exhibition stands that pack a punch!

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15 large exhibition stand design Ideas

Definitely investing in a large exhibition stand has its own set of advantageous because it should be meticulously planned. Otherwise, your big exhibition stand will look vacant and lack lustre. It requires tact and experience to plan out an exhibition stand that looks grand and larger than life. You need a good exhibition stand builder who has experience in designing and manufacturing big stands.

Large exhibition stands provide you with ample space to expand your creative horizons. Investing in a creative exhibition stand design, ensure that it makes the best use of the available exhibition space for the event. This enables you an excellent opportunity to include various engaging elements in your stands such as soul fluttering exhibition graphic design that depicts your brand story clearly. It will make your brand stand out from the crowd and grab attention at the exhibition. Big exhibition stands will also help in including exceptional promotional items that can entice the prospects towards your brand.

Big exhibition stands can do wonders for your Brand

Bright colours help in creating a remarkable presence and especially in large stands they have a major impact. While designing your stand make it appear bold and easily noticeable from a distance. Unlike small stands, large exhibition stands do not have to squeeze in kit pieces. This lets you avoid barriers in your stand. Don’t be afraid to leave some areas clear or empty. This will allow people to move easily around the stand, making it look more presentable and easily accessible!

You can make use of interactive technology to demonstrate your product, a separate meeting space to discuss business, a lounge area where attendees could rest as well as organize various games, quizzes or promotional activities that will engage visitors. You can also distribute refreshments or giveaways to please your audience. This way you are definite to make a lasting impression. When you look for an exhibition stand on hire, you need to properly plan and see to it that your plan is executed before time to avoid any last moment errors.

Your exhibition stand must be worth every bit of your investment hence select your stand design cautiously.



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