20 Exhibition stand design inspiration for your next show

Marketing has evolved over a period of years, and now you just don’t market a product, you promote and market a ‘concept.’ More than your marketing tagline or idea, the concept sells. A concept unifies the marketing message with the brand personality and projects it to the audience. The audience is more receptive to a concept than to stand-alone elements. It creates a stronger impact and helps to increase brand recall value as well.

Same goes for below the line marketing activities such as exhibitions, gone are the days when exhibition stand contractors compiled various exhibition stand ideas to create one exhibition stand. Now clients demand creative ideas for their exhibition stands and unique exhibition stand design inspiration that will help them stand out from the crowd. To market their business effectively, they take part in exhibitions with the help of creative exhibition stand contractors in Germany. It is essential to promote the event that you are participating in, but for that, you need the best exhibition graphics that will help you stand out from the crowd. You also need to support it before and after the event through various marketing techniques. This will enable you to generate qualified leads for your business.

Not any novice can come up with good exhibition stand design inspiration and be competent enough to execute it. You need an experienced and skilled team of designers that understand your limitations, space constraints, and, most importantly, your brand personality and your core brand values. Only then can they create stand designs that will help you achieve your marketing goals. Large exhibition stands help to present the stand design in a unique, creative, and precise way that will help your brand to truly shine through the crowd. If your company is facing budget constraint issues, then you opt for small exhibition stands too by uniquely representing your brand at the event. For this, you might require to reach out to potential professionals who will help you make a good impact on your target audience.


Here, we have listed 20 exhibition stand design inspiration that will help you in picking out the perfect exhibition stand for your next show.

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Exhibition stand design inspiration

 Tips to get the best exhibition stand design for your Event

With so much competition around, it can sometimes appear daunting to make your business stand out from the crowd. But with the right set of the plan, you can make your stands, the star of the event. In order to have the best exhibition stand design, you need to keep in mind certain aspects that contribute to your stand’s success.

When exhibiting, it is important to keep your brand’s theme constant right from the banners and images to freebies as people love the creative stuff.

Rather than having the same repetitive look, give your customers something unique and playful that will excite them and generate curiosity about your brand. This could be possible through a creative exhibition graphic design.

Incorporating technology in your exhibition stand design is an innovative way of staying updated with the latest trends in the industry.

You could make use of VR technology to demonstrate your products or services. Make sure that your brand name is easily readable even from afar.

Don’t make your audience search for your company name, making them pass by your stand without even getting noticed. Irrespective of the size of your stand, make sure you make the most of your available space.

At some events, you could even take advantage of the high ceilings, which will make your space look grander.

And lastly, ensure that your trade show booth design appears sleek, uncluttered, and attractive.

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Look out for experienced Exhibition Stand Designers for your Event

Creating awareness through your stand design will help in generating sales as well as build interest among your target audience. It is essential to building a balance between the company services and the company notion while you plan to promote your business through exhibition stands. There are several companies that prefer having a traditional type, but it is important to remember that innovative exhibition stand designs can do wonders at the event. Before actually planning to buy a customizable exhibition stand, the organization needs to take into consideration a few aspects such as price, and the overall expense, the colour and the detailing. Doing competitive research of the market and understanding the latest trends in the industry. A professional exhibition stand designer will be well-acquainted with the latest trends and help you design an eye-catching exhibition stand for the event.

There are many exhibition stand designers that claim to provide you with an exclusive and unique design concept. They might even provide you with inspired 3D designs raising your expectation only to fail you on the D-day with their substandard quality. Hence, it is important that you do your background research and know exactly want to want for your show. Also, look for an exhibition company that provides a comprehensive package of services right from design to installation of your stands. This will enable you to have a stress-free exhibiting experience.  When you have some knowledge and are clear about your requirements, it not only becomes easier to communicate with the stand builder, but you can yourself come up with insightful inputs since no one knows your brand better than you do.


We have built lasting brand impressions and customer engagements through compelling exhibition stands. Don’t just take our word for it; read on to see what our clients have to say about our world-class solutions and services.

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