3 options for international show

Have you planned for an exhibition stand at an international show? Check the 3 options!


Our global economy heavily relies on foreign trade and export. In order to make and maintain contact with foreign and overseas customers, participation in international exhibitions is one of the best marketing instruments for exporting companies. And in many cases even the start of a successful international business.

This is why we take care of the international exhibition stand for an increasing number of companies. Do you have an international show to participate in? If yes then checkout these 3 options that can be totally relied upon.

Option 1: You take care of shipment, installation and dismantling yourself

Once your exhibition stand builders and contractors have completed the exhibition stand design and production process, get your stand delivered to you. After this stage, you take care of the further transportation and installation, either by building the entire stand yourself on the exhibition floor or taking assistance from other agency to do it for you.

Option 2: Your exhibition stand partner takes care of shipment, installation and dismantling

One of the 3 options is that the entire project management is looked after by your exhibition stand builders. Once you have partnered with the exhibition stand contractor, you can be rest assured that your entire exhibition stand designing, manufacturing, graphics production, installation and dismantling and transportation is done by this partner. So, all you have to do is sit back and relax while your exhibition stand contractor offers you complete service.

Option 3: We design your exhibition stand and our colleagues abroad will do the production and installation

In this option, you give the briefing to your domestic exhibition stand designer and they design the entire stand for you. After this design is approved by you, it is sent to the country’s team where your exhibition is taking place. That team will build, manufacture the graphics, and install and dismantle the exhibition stand on the show floor. In this case, your exhibition stand designing company has audited partners across locations worldwide. This feature helps in reducing the cost of transportation, custom clearing hassles and other exhibiting woes.

About Expo Exhibition Stands:-

Expo Exhibition Stands is an established player in the exhibition stand industry with strong presence in 7 major European countries. We have the largest online catalog of stand designs in Europe! So you can be assured to find your perfect match.



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