5 Creative Exhibition Stand Design Ideas to incorporate in your Next Event

5 Creative Exhibition Stand Design Ideas to incorporate in your Next Event


In a heaving exhibition hall, there are hundreds of other companies who are struggling for the attention of attendees and getting noticed in such surrounding can be a clash. Nowadays, exhibiting requires a significant amount of time and money. The key priority is to have best exhibition stands in order to attract visitors towards the brand. Doing so will enable you to do business with them. To achieve this, you need to look for exhibition stand design ideas that can help you set your company apart from your competitors and make heads turn at the exhibition.

With a common goal to entice people towards your brand, exhibitions serve as a great medium for businesses to make a strong connection with their potential customers. But they can sometimes appear as tough marketing battlefields. But how do you ensure footfalls with your traditional exhibition stands marketing techniques? There are a lot of businesses who face downfall at the exhibition due to the stand. It might appear great on paper but it’s of no use if it fails to get the results you want. That is why exhibition stand design ideas are so necessary when it comes to making the most out of every exhibition.

Exhibition stand design ideas that help you stand-out

Stunning Graphics

The very first visual impression offered by stand design is of the banner, logo or a graphic display. Therefore it is essential that the message you want to convey through exhibition graphics is precise enough to lure audience towards your stand.  The attendee should be able to discover your brand swiftly even from a long distance.  For this, you need to be careful with the size of your logo or graphics and their position.


Colours in exhibition stands play an important role. They are responsible to bring out both the aesthetic and the emotional factor of your stand. Along with the logo, colours too help in building an image in your customer’s mind which will eventually help in identifying your brand and recognize them in the crowd. While selecting the right colours, the socio-cultural aspects, as well as psychological ones, should be taken into consideration.

Audio Visual & Lights

Good exhibition stand ideas which involve lights and audio-visuals can do wonders at an exhibition. Just like colours, lighting and music also help in building a soothing environment for your visitors and serve as one of the amazing exhibition stand design ideas. You can make use of lights that will help you highlight your products by setting them under the spotlight. Audio-visual helps to grab the attention of people who pass by your stand. They help in strengthening direct communication. However, remember that the volume of the equipment does not disturb the conversation or meetings held at the stand.

Interactive Technology

One of the most creative exhibition stand design ideas is the use of interactive technology such as video walls, touch-screen panels and iPods in your exhibition stand. This will help in transforming your exhibition stand into an alluring spot. You can also make use of VR technology to demonstrate your product or service. This will engage visitors and help them connect with your brand easily.

Separate Meeting Space

Integrating a separate meeting area into your stand will allow you to do business peacefully. The main area of the stand is mostly focused to attract visitors and you will need a dedicated discreet area that will help in accomplishing one-to-one meetings with your prospects. Of course, nobody would want business deals to be held in the middle of a crowd.

So, these were the different exhibition stand design ideas that will help you make a lasting impression on your audience. There are many exhibition stand contractors in Germany who help you plan and design innovative exhibition stands according to your requirement.

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