Exhibition planning tips to ensure successful show.

There is a lot of time and money required to invest in a successful trade show. If you’re attending an exhibition, you have to use the optimum potential of your exhibition stands and the event to bring good results.

Exhibition planning can be a big and frustrating task. There are several logistical matters that you need to take care of. There is no scope of errors, as it will directly impact your product marketing at the exhibition. Your exhibition stand also plays an important role in how successful will the trade show be for you. It will help you accomplish your targets and ensure that you have a successful show.

So check out these 7 Exhibition management tips that can help you plan better for your next exhibition:

Pick the Right Exhibition Show

Exhibitions serve as a great marketing platform for spreading brand awareness, introducing new products and services and strengthening your customer base. But, it is not necessary all shows are fit for your company. Every year, thousands of exhibitions take place around the globe. Therefore, it is important to search the right one to participate in. A lot of research goes in getting the essential information about the event that you want to be part of. After deciding on your exhibiting objectives, classify the shows that you think would benefit your business and yield a good return on investment. Select an exhibition, keeping in mind your target audience and look out for attendee demographics and show statistics before you start working on your exhibition stand design ideas.


Early registration for exhibition stands

After choosing a trade show to attend, it’s time to register for it! Registering in advance can save you money, and there is a possibility of early-bird discounts. It also gives you an opportunity to pick the spot that suits your budget.

Most exhibitions spaces are sold on a first come first served basis. Once you confirm your stand number, you can start planning your trade show marketing schedule with exhibition stand contractors.



Find the right exhibition stand contractor       

Exhibition planning can prove to be in your advantage. If you’re creating a new exhibition stand, make sure you get in touch with an exhibition stand contractor for initial quotes and exhibition stand design and build, ideally 6 months in advance. Choose an exhibition stand contractor that can design, build, and manage your exhibition stand design and build. Having a dedicated and experienced exhibition stand contractor will ensure that the customers that visit your exhibition stands enjoy a perfect exhibition experience. If you already have an exhibition stand design and build handy, determine if it needs any modifications. Contact your exhibition stand contractor early to avoid any hassles at the end.



Be creative

Use latest technologies for your exhibition stand design, check out design and construction concepts for Hanover to get some ideas. It introduces a new level of interaction with your exhibition stand visitors.

There are a wide range of technological gadgets available to use such as:

  • Branded games
  • Augmented Reality Graphics
  • Oculus Rift
  • VR goggles with immersive 4k video walls

These can help you attract more crowds at your exhibition stands. A part of how to plan a successful exhibition is spending the time to build creative concepts. Ideally, an experienced exhibition stand contractor should be able to suggest you, the right technologies to integrate into your stand design.


Train your Executive and Sales Team

Apart from working on your exhibition stand design to make your brand shine out among your competitors, you need to train your staff to ensure that conversations get started. As we know, an effective tool in exhibition planning is communication. Your staff would represent your company at the event.

So, make sure that your marketing and sales team is on the same page and has all of the necessary information about show and brand guidelines. This will ensure that there are no surprises and expectations are communicated clearly.


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Be active on social media

Let everyone know you are attending an exhibition. This can be done through social media and email marketing. If you’re going to market an interesting product demonstration or exciting games on your exhibition stand, share it on social media. Utilize the event hashtag and participate in the conversation regarding the show.

This will increase your exposure and chance to connect with prospects. Numerous companies also publish press releases, case studies, and blogs which cover their show appearance to keep the buzz going and reach out to new customers.


Follow up after the exhibition

Following up the leads you’ve collected at a trade show is very important. Before the start of the trade show, filter out possible leads and plan out a strategy that will help you profit out of it. Get a laptop at the exhibition stand, so you can be integrate your CRM tool and create a lead form to meet your requirement. Following up can maximize your event ROI. Hence it is necessary that you plan your follow up. Create a schedule and aim to contact all leads within 2 days.

To achieve success at your exhibition, make sure you include the above tips on how to plan a successful exhibition for your upcoming show. Along with looking out for the latest exhibition stand design ideas, do remember that a lot of attention-to-detail and careful planning is required to get a smooth-running event with a good return on investments. So, start working on your detailed plan that will not only drive traffic at your stand but provide a memorable impression on your audience.

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