6 Elegant Ways To Enhance Your Exhibition Stand Layout

When it comes to  exhibition stand designs, the most crucial factors every exhibitor will eventually think of is the exhibition stand graphics, messaging, lighting, or flooring. However, there is one element of display design that underlies all of the rest is the booth layout. A cleverly-designed layout will welcome many visitors in and invite them to explore your business, whereas a poorly-designed layout will turn visitors away from your booth display. To avoid this with your bespoke exhibition stands, we have a list of ideas that you can utilise for your next exhibition layout. These 6 smart ways will help you to boost up your exhibition stand layout at your next exhibition. These smart ways will assist you in understanding what makes for a better stand design layout and graphics.

By creating an open layout within your exhibition stand display.

In order to provide visitors with an open layout that is free of obstructions, you need to have a big exhibition stand and should avoid keeping a table in front of your exhibition stand display. This way you will have enough space for visitors to move easily through your exhibition stand. Create lines of sight throughout the display by offering easy access to your product displays, refreshment tables, lounge areas, and other spaces where visitors will be able to interact with your big exhibition stand and your staffers. Avoid cluttering your entry points with brochure stands and a reception desk, when creating stand types that have an open layout it’s best to put these kinds of fixtures near seating areas, and at the very least away from points of entries.

By creating a clean and uncluttered exhibition display.

In addition to being open, your exhibition stand display needs to be clean and uncluttered in its layout. Keeping literature in front of product displays can look messy and make it hard to access the displays. Staffers’ personal items on the floor or tables give things an unprofessional look. Too many items at your stand can obscure the purpose of your exhibit. Create a layout that allows for a clean, tidy, and professional look as visitors move through. Make it a point to introspect if a particular exhibiting prop or equipment is truly needed. When coming up with exhibition ideas, it becomes hard to discern the difference between what is possible and practical.

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By creating separation among the various spaces within your big exhibition stand.

Visitors to your exhibition stand display want to move easily through your space at your big exhibition stand. One way to help them do so is to separate the various spaces within your stand clearly. In particular, meeting areas should be separated from the main display space so you can enjoy private meetings uninterrupted by booth traffic. Other spaces to consider separating include lounges, event areas, and product displays. A bonus tip to consider is that the concept of space isn’t just limited to layout, even graphics can benefit by creating a clear border, blank white canvas, and demarcations using lines and colours to separate text and images.

Properly light the most important areas of your big exhibition stand

Lighting is an important element of your exhibition stand design because it has the ability to set the mood and direct attention. When it comes to layout, lighting can help to literally highlight the most important areas of your booth. For instance, at your big exhibition stand some products may require extra lighting, while differently coloured lighting might be used to further draw attention to a product demo, a new industry development, and more. The right lighting will immediately tell visitors which areas of your exhibition stand require their attention. Some of the best exhibition stand design ideas that succeed at trade shows, correctly incorporate the three essential elements, which are layout, graphics and lighting. This triad together is what turns good exhibition stand designs into the best.

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Make your products visible within your exhibition booth display.

If you are displaying products within your exhibition stand display, use your layout to make them visible and accessible. You can consider placing the products front and centre in your exhibition booth display or, if you have multiple spaces, then putting the products toward the front of your display. Using your layout to direct visitors past those displays can also ensure that they get seen. An experienced exhibition stand design company will have modular displays that are specialised for product displays allowing you to display your products in even more creative and innovative ways.

Include space for special events within your exhibition stand layout

If you are holding special events within your exhibition stand, you will need to make space for those events within your layout. Doing so is particularly important if you wish to keep people in your booth and out of the aisles. Building ample space for the stage, seating, or any marketing activities can help you to create a comfortable and successful event. It can prove quite useful in the case of showcasing presentations. Even if you have no plans as such, the extra space can come quite in handy, in case you end up receiving a large footfall at your exhibition stand. In those cases, you will be quite thankful that you spared the extra space.

By Creating a Meeting/Resting Area for Attendees within your Exhibition Stand

Well-structured exhibition stand layout planning requires a lot of multi-tasking and preparations. As mentioned above, designing a separate seating space for your customer is one of the essential exhibition layout ideas to look forward to. Having a dedicated space in your elegant stand design will enable you to conduct your business meet-ups or let your attendee relax and take time out from their busy schedule. By making them sit to have a lengthier conversation is a great way to attract them to engage them in your brand. You could either choose to have a formal setting or have a lounge seating, whichever matches your business needs. Including a separate space won’t hamper your booth budget nor occupy much space in your layout.

While working on your stand layout, one of the important aspects is the location of your stand when you have to determine whether to pick an island, corner or row stand. Apart from thinking about your financial restraints, you need to think about the kind of footfall you want to achieve through it. If you are expecting to meet new prospects, then choose a corner stand as it will have outward facing space that will help in the steady flow of footfall and attract visitors. A row stand will help you create a private space if you plan to host meetings or demonstrate your products or services. And when growing your visibility is your priority then an island stands will help you gain more exposure at the event. Based on your objectives, look out for clever exhibition stand design ideas that will help you meet your exhibition goals.

The main purpose of having an innovative exhibition stand is to make a good first impression that invites new prospects and generate sales. Therefore, it should be structured around keeping in mind this purpose irrespective of the size of your exhibition stand.

Hiring stands from professional exhibition stand contractors will help get a wide array of unique layout designs, for your next exhibition. Creating an effective layout for your exhibition stand can help you to enjoy a more successful display. By doing everything from removing obstacles to following exhibitor handbook regulations, you can create an open, welcoming, and ultimately more lucrative exhibition stand display design.

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