6 Key steps to choosing the right trade show

6 Key steps to choosing the right trade show


With hundreds of trade shows happening every month, selecting the right show for your brand in Europe can be a daunting task. Every trade show is different when it comes to the audience and exhibitors it serves or hosts.

Now the million dollar question; which is the right trade show for me?

Before you take the plunge, ask yourself a few simple questions and by the end of it, you will be able to reach a decision.

How much budget can we allot for a trade show?

Depending on your budget you can choose to participate in a particular show. This means thorough research on how much a specific trade show can cost you needs to be done. There are some shows in Europe that are massive and renowned worldwide. You may need to shell out big bucks to participate in them. So it makes sense to know ‘percentage wise allocation’ of your budget. If Europe is your target market, there are a host of local shows every quarter or year you can participate. If your market is outside Europe, look up for international shows in Europe every year in your industry.

If you have made up your mind to participate in a particular show, ask yourself if the budget that you have is sufficient to release the project. Here’s how you can calculate your trade show budget.

What is our objective to participate in a show?

It is important to know what exactly you are looking for from your trade show experience. For example, if you want to sell your products, you can zero in on consumer shows. But if you want business tie ups and improve network, you will need to influence purchasers, buyers and wholesalers and so on. You will need to zero in your attention on trade shows open to business professionals only.

Who are my competitors and which trade shows are they targeting?

This is one of your biggest cues. Keep a close watch on which shows your competitors are participating in. It is possible your competitors might have a great funding for trade show participation and they might be aiming big shows where you will need hefty budgets for participation. See if you can manage at least a small stand in such shows to test market. And, if that’s also not possible, look up for shows the other big or small players in your industry are planning to participate. You can get participants information on the trade show organiser’s website or official websites of trade shows.

Where can I find an authentic list of trade shows industry wise?

If you want to further zero-in your search, go to websites like 10times.com, eventseye.com, expodatabase.com, and tradefairdates.com to search trade shows industry wise. Here, you find a list of trade shows relevant to your industry and then you can focus on shows that you can manage to participate depending on their popularity, visitors, participants, booth space prices and so on. These websites also give you visitor data information in the previous year.

Once you have a concrete list of trade shows you have filtered, you need to dive deeper to know their past performance. For example, check the number of visitors, exhibitors along with leads and sales they have captured.

Is there a market or demand for our business in Europe or outside?

The idea of exhibiting in Europe might sound fantastic. But if there is no target market where your product is in demand, then there is no point of spending a massive budget on trade show which is scarcely of any use to your business. You can always go for the comprehensive research data by the research companies and seek professional help.

Are we familiar with the city and the venue?

When you are familiar with the city, and statutory requirements of its venue, participating in an trade show becomes a little less stressful. But if you are not, then you may come across unforeseen circumstances or last-minute glitches which can affect your exhibiting experience. So once you buy the stand space, seek a professional exhibition stand builder’s help. A trade show booth design company, who makes the best trade show booths in Europe, will have a local presence in European cities and must be well-aware of the mandates and trade show guidelines of all the venues. Language and price or budget could be a barrier in choosing which country to participate in. A local stand builder could relieve this stress by tackling labour and logistic issues for you.

Who is exhibiting and attending the trade fair?
After you have done your own research, get in touch with the local BSO’s (Business Support Organisation) and IPD’s (Import Promotion Desk) who can help you find the right trade fair as they have years of experience in organising trade fair participation. The first hand information from them will certainly help you narrow down your research on the trade show for you in Europe.

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