6 Post-trade show Questions to Ask Yourself!

6 Post-trade show Questions to Ask Yourself!


One of the keys to turning trade show booth ideas into a fruitful show is by evaluating your general execution after each expo you go to. To ensure you get the most sagacious data, you have to make the most of current opportunities. Right from evaluating show marketing to getting the right trade show booth design for your brand, each and every aspect is important. Let us take a look at some of the questions that you should ask to post your show

1. Was the Show You Participated Worth the Cost?

The main post-demonstrate question you have to inquire as to whether the show you participated in was justified regardless of the time and exertion it took to showcase. To see whether the show was justified regardless of the venture, put forth the accompanying inquiries.

Assessing the Value of Your Show:

What amount did it cost to display?

What was the footfall?

If you had trade show booth rentals, check if it was budget-friendly or not?

To figure out how to ascertain ROI from proposals addresses (and to decide whether the show is justified regardless of the cost), look at our ROI once the show ends.

2.  What Were Your Strengths on The Show Floor?

Recognizing regions where your organisation exceeded expectations on the show floor can enable you to survey the solid focuses in your trade show exhibiting. After the show, ensure to pen down regions where you had a successful show.

Assessing Show Strengths:

Ask your booth staff where they felt the group succeeded and where they felt sure while exhibiting.

Check how well-versed was your booth staff was at the show with your brand, products, and services.

Ensure to check your contenders and different exhibitors to see territories where they missed the mark and where your organisation succeeded.

3. What Were Your Weaknesses on The Show Floor?

Just how you distinguished the positives, you should evaluate the territories where your group missed the mark. By assessing your frail focuses on the show floor directly after the show, you are giving yourself a ground to focus on the next show.

Assessing the Weaknesses:

What potential open doors did you miss?

Did your prospects have questions you were not set up to reply?

Did you adequately convey your brand’s key message and character to visitors? If not, how might you enhance your informing and correspondence to guests?

4. How Could You Measure Up To Your Competitors?

When you go to a show, it is necessary to look for best trade show exhibits, trade show booth rentals and turnkey trade show booth ideas. So, it is equally vital to check if your competitors also did the same.

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Assessing Competitors:

Did your rivals eclipse your organization on the show floor?

Was their trade show exhibits bigger or were their booth ideas better outlined?

How was their trade show booth design?

5. How Successful Was Your Pre- Show Marketing Techniques?

While you are involved in planning for your trade show booth ideas, pre-trade show marketing techniques ought to dependably be considered. After the show has finished, it is imperative to assess the accomplishment of your trade show marketing techniques in order to enhance future crusades and projects.

Assessing Your Pre-trade Show Marketing:

Did your guests mirror the socioeconomics you would have liked to reach with trade show marketing?

What number of prospects drew in with your organization via web-based networking media in regards to your pre-indicate advancements and advertising endeavors?

6. Assessing Trade Show Booth Design

Was your booth ideas impactful? Jumbled trade show exhibits are regularly passed by prospects hoping to capitalize on their chance on the show floor, so consider upgrading your trade show booth design.

7. Finding out if your Booth staff performed well

The booth staffs play a crucial role in the overall success of your trade show booth. Presenting your brand on your company’s behalf, they are responsible for engaging your prospects and providing them with a memorable brand experience. Planning post trade show staff survey questions to get better insights about how your brand represented on the exhibition floor will help you in the long run. Prepare some trade show survey questions for your staff such as:

Were they successful in creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for your prospects and customers?

Did they work as a team and supported each other whenever needed to make a stronger unit?

Ask your experienced person in your staff about the individual performances of his team members to understand their potential?

8. Have you planned out your Post Follow-up Plan?

Even though you had an amazing show and gain quality leads but without a post follow-up plan, you might fail to convert those leads into sales. Also, make sure your booth staff and your sales team are aware of their responsibilities once the show is over. Therefore, before the event, prepare a detailed follow-up strategy that guides you toward success. Just like pre-trade show marketing, it is essential to have a post trade show marketing strategy ready to execute in your post-follow-up plan.

Keep these simple yet effective post-show tips in mind for evaluating your success and misses at the show.

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