6 quick tips to drive more crowd to your booth

Drive more crowd to your booth using these 6 tips!


Planning on how to draw more crowd at your exhibition stand at an expo comes with its challenges. Dealing with sponsors and exhibitors you still need to secure partners. How you do it is up to you; through extravagant trade show designs ideas or through pre-show strategies. Even after details have been ironed and tickets have been sold, you still have got a potential hurdle lingering at the edge; that is, ensuring your sponsors are happy with your exhibition stand design ideas and with the experience. The best to go about this is to drive more traffic to your exhibition stands.

Here are 6 tips that can drive more crowd to your exhibition stand 

Keep your booth décor Innovative

Every trade show has dozens or even hundreds of brand-driven experiences. All of them different trade show booth designs and different exhibition stand design ideas. An exhibition can stand can get lost in the shuffle and can be overlooked by value of valuable attendees without an eye-catching décor. Consider third party vendors for recommendation on exhibition stand design ideas and other trade show booth design ideas.

Freebies can help draw crowd

People at the trade show will flock to your exhibition stands if you distribute freebies. If you are out of exhibition stand design ideas, then a branded pen or a free snack or drink to grab en route the trade show will attract attendees to stop by at your booth.

Social media to the rescue

You need to be active on social media. Posting pictures of your exhibition stand on Instagram and Facebook with trending hashtags as the trade show is progressing will draw attendees to your booth.  Create a page on social media websites that highlights your progress and agenda at the trade show.

Contests help drive massive traffic

Trade show booth designs will play their role of attracting crowd at your exhibition stand. Having an event-wide contest encourages attendees to interact with several sponsors, fellow exhibitors and will also draw massive foot traffic while giving the participants have the best possible experience.

Event apps can enhance the engagement

Make apps exclusively for attendees, speakers and sponsors. Invite them to download your app. By encouraging attendees, speakers and sponsors to download event apps ahead of time. You will have a built in audience with targeted messages, promotions and day to day happenings.

Workshop Hosting

Engaging sponsors and exhibitors in workshops and other programs is a great way to align them  with best content and best attendees. Promote workshops ahead of time. This will ensure maximum participation. Promote workshops ahead of time. This will helpful for you and beneficial for sponsors as they will get the benefit of a powerful outreach.  Use added promotions and advertisements to ensure maximum participation.  Give the sponsor some hands-on leads during the workshop. introduce the speaker or panel and tell them to share their experience and insights, and integrate them into any post-workshop follow up. This will keep them top-of-mind with participants, and also it will have these valuable partners better woven into the day’s workshop. It is a major win from a relationship-building perspective.

Coordinating the sponsors and exhibitors can always be one of the most critical tasks when organizing an event. This is because as you need to keep good relationship with them. At the same time it is very necessary to handle it properly and effectively.




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