6 Ways to Amp up your Exhibition Stand

6 Ways to Amp up your Exhibition Stand


With many brands showcasing under the same roof, the competition gets only tougher. One simple way to stand-out is to perk up your exhibition stand. Your exhibition stand is the first thing the audience will notice about you and if it’s unique and creative, people will definitely flock in. Ask your exhibition stand contractors for innovative exhibition stand design ideas. Analyze what works best with your brand and incorporate them to suit your brand personality.

Sometimes, you might get overwhelmed with your exhibition designer’s ideas. To help you with this dilemma we bring you 6 ways to amp up your exhibition stand.

1. Get innovative with your exhibition stand design ideas – Most stands at any given exhibition look alike. The first thing you could do this experiment with your exhibition stand design. There are various modular, portal designs available in the market, avoid the standard structures and go for something eccentric. If budget permits you could opt for a custom stand and design it according to your preference.

2. Think out-of-the-box – What can you do that will leave a lasting impression on the audience? The answer is simple! You need to think-out-of-the-box. Be it your exhibition stand design ideas, graphics, product placement or presentation try to innovate and improvise, and do not follow others. Small changes and unique ideas can perk up your stand and ensure your audience’ attention. Off late exhibition stands in Germany are using the latest technology in their stand structure to attract more customers.

3. Giveaways are the real crowd pleasers – What better way to attract the audience and leave a lasting impression than giving away freebies, giveaways and souvenirs? Giveaways are a guaranteed way to increase foot-fall. You can give refreshments and snacks or even give customized souvenirs with company’s logo. This is also a great way to increase brand recall value.

4. Use the latest technology – Another exciting idea is to use technology for your advantage. You can ask your exhibition stand contractor for the latest led installation, digital images and other such new and innovative exhibition stand design ideas to jazz up your stand. For example off late exhibition stands in Germany are using led walls which makes the stand looks unique and technologically advanced.

5. Concentrate on user engagement – Ask your exhibition stand contractor for a special booth or dedicated space in your stand to conduct user-engagement activities. Evaluate your anticipated consumers and organize quiz shows, games etc that are cognizant of your product or brand. Such engaging exhibition stand ideas not only attract more customers but also help in reinstating the brand’s image in the consumer’s mind. They give an energetic and youthful feel to the stand and help you to gain customers or clients.

6. Hire the right staff – Lastly, it is important that you hire the right people to represent you at the exhibition or event. An exhibition stand is as good as its representatives. Your staff at the stand must be dressed appropriately and must be well informed about the brand or product. If you hire individuals that are persuasive, confident and friendly it will elevate the energy of the stand and automatically people will flock it. On the other hand, lethargic and reckless staff will drive away customers and clients.

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