9 Technologies to Make Your Exhibition Stand Immersive

Exhibitions are a gathering place for people to share ideas, see the latest innovations and score goodies. Displaying at exhibitions can be a boon for businesses, but it is easier said than done. Thus the major concerns remain, how do you construct an exhibition stand that draws attention in all the right ways, gets your point across, and makes people want to learn more? Here are a few ways exhibition stand design and build services that empower the exhibitors.


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence technology not only restructured the entire computer science branch but also gave an edge to the exhibition industry. Using AI in your exhibition captivates visitors and helps them connect with your brand easily. Integrated visitor analysis, automated lead generation, and client feedback are a few additions that helped the exhibitors. 




Touch technology

Using touch technology maximizes the success rate of your content. Smartphones, interactive screens, and tablets embedded in kiosk workstations are just technologies that exhibition stand builders can provide to display your content. With touch technology, attendees can interact with your content on their terms. You give the attendees control over their experience.

Slideshows, brand videos, app demonstrations, and customer reviews are just a few of the many ways in which touch screen technology can benefit you.



Virtual walls

Virtual walls can transform your exhibition stall walls to create an interactive experience. Using a projector and LED screens can help you make a digital canvas for your attendees. Exhibition stand builders use a virtual wall for the following things:

1. Attendees can use it to draw, write messages, or play touch-and-tap games.

2. Users can indulge their creative side by recreating theme based customized virtual walls with visually appealing and engaging designs. Your visitors have a lot of fun while engaging with your brand.


Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality has exceptional potential for making exhibition content engaging. AR technology features computer-generated graphics that overlay the real world and is readily available through mobile applications. Merging virtual graphics with the real world helps you show your message to your attendees. Exhibition stand builders use AR Tech to help demonstrate your product or service effectively, resulting in a highly engaged audience.




Virtual Reality

Nowadays, attendees at an exhibition seek experiences that evoke genuine emotions, and using virtual reality would make it uniquely special. Virtual reality encourages you to provide visitors with a multi-sensory experience that immerses them on a new level. It gives them a reason to initiate conversations and know more about your product. Incorporating a VR tech demo in your exhibition stand design allows visitors to interact with your brand and understand what you provide them, resulting in a better audience experience.



Digital Display

Exhibition stand builders these days provide digital display services for product demonstrations. This digital display uses a combination of technologies like interactive mirror screens and motion-sensing LCD screens. Unlike a traditional display, you can tweak a digital display in real time. You can also change its looks, its colors, and the sound, keeping it dynamic for visitors’ engagement.



Motion-controlled technology

The possibilities are endless with motion-controlled technology. You can set up a product demonstration with a motion-controlled interface so attendees can flick their hands to start and stop the demo. It can also be set up with a motion-sensitive floor that generates content for attendees’ great experience. Motion-controlled technology allows you to create a fully immersive experience.



Beacon Technology

Beacon Technology can engage attendees better than any other technology. Including Beacon technology in your exhibition stand design will help you connect to your prospective customers in your exhibit’s proximity. You can send a message to their device to welcome them to your exhibition stand and inform them about the things around it. You can also share your flyer or brochure through it. This process makes you tech savvy, thus resulting in your audiences receiving your brochure without maintaining any files.





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