9 things you should know before exhibiting at a trade show

9 things you should know before exhibiting at a trade show


There is a lot to learn from types of exhibition, trade shows and asking others for advice related to exhibition stand designs and ideas.

Here are 9 things you should know before exhibiting a product or a brand at different types of exhibition that will probably help any “newbie” exhibit like a pro!

Once you figure out the size of your exhibition booth, get started on planning displays and reprint exhibition stand graphics.

Avoid overcrowding your exhibition stand with unnecessary articles and accessories but have enough of them so that it doesn’t look empty. Look for those exhibition stand designs and ideas that can convey the message of your brand or product through your exhibition stand.

Apart from having impressive exhibition booths and innovative exhibition stand designs make sure that you acknowledge everyone that walks by.You might come across many exhibitors at different types of exhibitions that stay seated and don’t try to engage with clients. Engaging and acknowledging the exhibition visitors will make them want to stop by your booth. People like being noticed. You’ll scare them away if you begin shooting off your sales pitch about the product. Instead, ask them questions and let them do the talking.

When it comes to designing your exhibition stands, make sure that the visitors at your exhibition booth walk away with a tangible message that goes well along with their experience. Your exhibition stand designs need to be communicating enough as to why your product is unique, valuable, and desireable. Communicating with an impressive messaging can be tightly woven with experience that creates a strong brand perception. Work with experts who are well versed with exhibition stands and exhibition stand ideas.

If the types of exhibition you are attending is an outdoor event, then in such cases, Booth placement plays a very important for outdoor events. Hence it is necessary to pick the space a year out. Exhibiting in a hall is much more consistent and predictable. When you are exhibiting outside, the landscape, surrounding architecture, and traffic flow makes a lot of difference as these are counted in major variables. So it is important to have exhibition stand ideas and designs as per the outdoor event.

After the exhibition gets over, it is absolutely necessary to carefully put away the exhibition stand display. This is because most of the damage to the exhibition stand displays happens right after the trade shows are over. The parts of exhibition stands are either broken or lost, no matter how tired you are, make sure that you carefully put the exhibition stands away. Trade show displays are costly and it is necessary to take care of your investment. Most displays should last between 3 to 5 years if maintained well.

People will stay and eventually form a crowd near your exhibition stand if you are able to market your product or brand in an interactive manner. It is true that not all brands are easy to display, but it all lies in your creativity to manage your booth traffic so that everybody is able to interact with your products or services. This will not only generate interest, but  will give your booth visiotrs a better understanding about your brand.

Touch screens are an interactive way to display any type business. Create exhibition stand designs and designs blend in seamlessly with interactive technology.

Having innovative exhibition stand designs and ideas are not enough. It is necessary that you follow up with potential clients soon after the show. Don’t hesitate to reach out too quickly. Follow up with potential prospects that could provide you business.





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