A virtual exhibition stand: what kind of investment do you need to do?

You can also ask yourself the ancient counter-question: what’s in it for me?


Ancient discussion….


The pros and cons of a digital exhibition stand

We know the disadvantages compared to a live event. The atmosphere and experience cannot be compared. The type of conversation is different. If you have something to show, it will be possible at a live fair, but off course not physically during a virtual fair.

Thinking about building an online exhibition stand is also different from a physical exhibition stand.

And from all news articles, it appears that we are increasingly longing for the old normal. Being able to meet each other in a private and business atmosphere is still part of us being humans.


We just have to live with it now. It takes longer than we want. Nor will it disappear from our lives.

And virtual events offer a good alternative. There is so much to learn that the virtual fair (or virtual experience in a broader sense) will continue to play a role in the future.

You reach a larger audience

The threshold is much lower for participating in a virtual event. The travel distance and travel costs are suddenly no longer an obstacle. And also the time that you normally lose from your starting point to where the fair is held, and back, also lapses. The number of visitors to virtual fairs so far can be called very good.

You reach a different audience “on top”

Part of the target group from the above will therefore probably not come to a live exhibition. And now you will run into them. It may open doors for export.

Your own costs decrease

No travel costs, accommodation costs (hotel, food, drinks), you do not have to travel (time savings).

And what about the appearance of the virtual booth.

Actually, you can free your mind from live exhibition obstacles here. A completely unique and creative design can be created.

  • A large hanging banner above your stand? Or a form that leads to too many challenges at live shows? Normally you will receive a heavy bill and you may have to have static calculations made. The virtual exhibition organization has no restrictions here.
  • A large video wall to impress. The greater the (much) higher the costs. In the virtual world, you simply pay a price for the introduction of the technology. How big it gets is not a limiting factor in your budget. The design must of course continue to look good.
  • Normally a budget for a maximum of 20m²? Then you will not end up in a free position live. In the virtual world, we work on your design together without limitation of space. No corner, head, intermediate, or whatever kind of stand. In fact, it will be much more of a virtual environment or virtual experience.
  • And so you can come up with many more custom-made objects that require a large investment at live events.

A virtual exhibition stand is much more than an exhibition stand

Why should you consider a virtual exhibition booth?

Like mentioned before, a virtual exhibition is rather your virtual environment. An experience that you can use for much more than just virtual trade fairs.

  • Your virtual exhibition stand (environment) is available 24/7/365. Provided you also own it. We will see later how much does it take to build your virtual exhibit.
  • Use your virtual booth to create your own online events. Organize a webinar in your virtual environment and invite your visitors there.
  • Do you normally have headaches because you want to show so much on your live exhibition stand? This is easier and clearer on your online exhibition stand. There is no lack of space. Nevertheless, it is also advisable not to have an overload of information here. Provide a clear structure. A clear core message.
  • If you participate in more fairs per year, you only have development costs once. Maybe you will change something to your virtual booth once, but then those are the only (minimal) costs that you will have extra later. Virtual exhibition stands are therefore scalable, expandable, and reusable.
  • In fact, almost all currently available techniques are applicable. Chatting, video calls, conference rooms, webinars, allowing visitors to communicate with each other (networking), augmented reality, making information downloadable, leaving messages, showing videos, and so on.

What does the creation of a virtual exhibition stand actually cost?

We thought about it and came up with the idea of ​​making the basic choice for easier. There are 4 packages that increase in possibilities and number of contact points.

The starting price is then just under 4,000.00 Euro up to 16,000.00 / 20,000.00 Euro. Customizing is possible within each package. Because a virtual exhibition stand is not like choosing a car with standard options.

And we like to think along individually. A package offers you a solid basis with certainties and starting points.

On top of that, you get a completely customized virtual exhibition stand package.

And what do those virtual exhibition stand packages consist of?

It’s not that we don’t want to show that. But there is some explanation needed. And we actually think that we can explain that better in a video call with examples, than that you have to find out for yourself. It is quite comprehensive and we want to spare you the study.

Such a conversation is without obligation, no questions asked.

We can catch up with you in half an hour. We are convinced that the information sent afterward will help you to come up with ideas. And we are happy to discuss further with you to further develop the virtual exhibition stand of the chosen package.

Would you like to make an online appointment with us?

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