12 Award winning exhibition stand ideas of the year


To leave a mark at an exhibition, you need to invest in a good exhibition stand. An exhibition stand defines your brand and gives a unique identity to the brand and company. An exhibition stand represents your brand at the exhibition, and becomes the face of your company at the show.

Off late, tons of exhibitions stand contractors, and designers are cropping up in the market and with hundreds of stand designs to choose from, one can be spoilt for choice. Every year the exhibition stand industry churns out new stand designs for the ever-growing and competitive market.

To stay on top of the game, one needs to stay updated with new technology and the latest stand designs. With the competition getting tougher by the day, brands need to stay trendy and relevant in order to get the attention of their customers. When a brand doesn’t change with changing times and sticks with old designs and stands, especially at an exhibition, they do not receive enough attention from their audience.

A good way to beat the competition is by investing in award-winning exhibitions stands. It can get difficult to keep a tab on every new exhibition stand design that is released in the market and keep up with the changing trends.

To help you in this gruelling task, we have made a list of top 10 award-winning exhibition stands of 2020. These award-winning stands have garnered a lot of acclaims this year and have elements that are in trend right now in the exhibition arena.

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Award winning exhibition stand ideas

How to get an Award-winning Exhibition Stand Design?

The main attraction is the exhibition stand that represents the individual company at the event. It is more than just the face of the brand. Your exhibition stand design holds the potential to pull over a crowd of hundreds and maximise your brand visibility. It will not only attract a larger set of audience but also help in increasing brand recall value among your customers. Therefore, it is essential to look out for a creative exhibition stand design that enables us to create a positive and lasting impression at the show. With so many creative exhibition ideas in the market, it becomes quite a task for exhibitors to keep them updated with the latest trends in the exhibition market.

Look for an Experienced Designer

There are many reputed exhibition stand designers that offer an extensive range of stand design ideas, but choosing the finest ones requires a sufficient amount of time. Therefore, several brands look through quality stand ideas while deciding on an interactive stand for their exhibition show. You could look for an award-winning exhibition stand manufacturer in Europe who has good experience in designing the right stand for the event. Being in the industry for years, they know the nitty-gritty of exhibiting in Europe and will offer you’re the perfect exhibition stand design inspiration for your next show.

Latest Design Trends

Every year, exhibitors from around the world do their best to create something unique and exceptional to stand out and have a lasting impression on their audience. For this, it is important to be aware of the stand designs that are no longer in use and the ones that are being created nowadays. This will enable you to understand what’s in trends and what has worked before. Don’t just think out of the box but think beyond it. Incorporating these current trends in your exhibition stand rental, you can maximise the chance of making an impact on your audience.

Know your Competitors well

Another important thing that most exhibitors miss out on is to do thorough research on their competitors. Analysing competitors would help you judge their strategy and try to surpass them. It will give your design team an idea over how to plan your design strategy. You can get in touch with the show organisers to get a list of exhibitors who would be exhibiting with you. And based on that, you could research what they did in their most recent events. This will give you a fair idea of their exhibition standard and their competitiveness.

Go Digital and Be Interactive

Integrating digital elements into your stand is one of the creative exhibition ideas that will make a lasting impression on your audience. You can have touch screens integrated along with interactive effects or graffiti walls that allow writing or drawing on digital screens. People love to interact.  To make your stand attractive, you need to network with your audience either through games and quizzes that actually involves visitors in activities and indirectly gets them involved in your brand.

Space Management

Exhibition space does play an important role in designing a perfect exhibition stand. Utilizing the exhibition space smartly will enable your exhibition stand to be distinct from the rest of the exhibitors. Based on the size of the booth, the exhibition graphics would be designed. If your stand is small, then you might have to limit the number of displays in your stand. The main aim is to have a stand with enough space to move around.

Choosing the right builder would not only enable you to design your exhibition stand based on the on-going trend but also help you use your space wisely. This would further help in attracting the visitors to your stand by offering them something new. You could also promote your participation news through social media by updating them about all the fun things that you have planned for the event to generate curiosity among your audience. Award-winning exhibition stands helps you and your brand to shine in the pool of exhibitors at trade shows and exhibitions. It is a sure-shot way to charm the audience and pull them to your stand.



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