Budget Friendly Tips for Exhibitors

The best tips to save big bucks while participating in trade shows

Participating in trade shows can be highly beneficial to any brand. It increases brand awareness and credibility and boosts sales. However, exhibiting can be a tad bit expensive, especially if you are a novice and have no experience or contacts to help you out with your trade show booth, bookings, trade show supplies etc.

To make things easier for you, we have made a check-list that will enable you to participate in trade shows without breaking the bank.

1. Booking early – The key to saving big bucks while participating in trade shows is ‘booking early’. Be it space or slot at your desired trade show, booth contractor or the trade show booth, booking early will not only give you many options to choose from but also help you save your money along the way. Most exhibitors get ‘early bird’ discounts and contractors too don’t charge you too heavily when you give them plenty of time to build the booth.

2. A multitasking team – A great team is always indispensible, more so when you are participating in a trade show, while on a strict budget. To oversee the show, you need to hire talented people that are especially good at multitasking. A multitasking team will do the job of many, without costing you much. Also, when a dedicated team handles and oversees everything, they are well aware of every aspect and learn to understand and execute your vision thoroughly.

3. Selecting the right trade show exhibit space – At any show, booking the right spot for your trade show booth is very crucial. Every brand understands this fact and hence the prime spots are sold at an exuberant rate, at any given trade show. Usually the best spot is the one next to the entrance in the centre of the floor. For companies on a budget, this spot can be expensive. Hence, it is necessary that you think smartly before booking the right space for your booth. Space near the food zone or recreational area is a good spot since it attracts a lot of attention and it isn’t very expensive either.

4. All rounder service provider – Hiring a host of contractors, designers and logistics force solely for your trade show booth can be chaotic and expensive. Hire a company that provides end-to-end services with regards to your booth and other trade show supplies. There are companies that provide complete range of services from designing your booth, to manufacturing it; they even handle logistics, installation and dismantling of the booth. Such companies take care of everything and that too at reasonable rates since they have the resources and do not outsource.

5. Go for trade show booth rentals – It is a common knowledge in the trade show business that rentals are way cheaper and give your brand a different look at every show. Trade show booth rentals are basically booths that you can rent from booth manufactures and stand companies. Rentals are way cheaper than purchased or custom trade show booths. Nowadays, rental booths come in a variety of options to choose from and they give a distinctive to your brand at the show.

6. Modular trade show booths – If you intend to participate in trade shows regularly then modular booths are your best bet. Modular booths are reusable trade show booths that are functional and inexpensive. These booths are easy to install and dismantle as well hence they do not require a lot of manpower either. Modular booths come in travel friendly packaging and hence are easy to travel with as well.

7. Reusable trade show supplies – Just like modular booths you can invest in reusable accessories for your trade show booth. Be it table, chairs, podiums etc, opt for reusable and modular furniture that that is way cheaper than custom and easy to transport as well. Reusable trade show supplies can be used in various places, trade shows or otherwise, hence they have good return on investment.

Trade shows are a great way to bring attention to your brand, just because of budget constraints do not shy away from participating in one. With careful planning and budgeting you can reap the benefits of participating in trade shows without spending much.



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