FAZUA – EUROBIKE Friedrichshafen, Germany 2018

Fazua the inventive upstart


Fazua is similar to the innovative Apple for the e-Bike market. The start-up has tie-ups with numerous high-profile companies and had released a massive range of pedelec e-bikes.

This German-based company’s magnum opus is its drive pack. The pack has a pedal-assist drive system that’s compact, light-weight, electronic and clutch-based. This let riders feel that they are riding a non-motorized bike, until they truly need the motor for uphill riding. Fazua won several innovation and design awards for their inconspicuous drive pack.

Why we met Fazua

To solidify its presence in the e-bike industry, Fazua began to participate in several trade fairs annually, starting with the largest one in the bicycle industry; the Eurofair. A premier trade show for the bicycle industry, Eurofair receives a lot of attention from bike fans, professional riders, and sports journalists around the world.

Fazua approached Expo Exhibition Stands for a booth to impress an international audience of industry professionals and bike fans. We utilised a ‘show but don’t tell’ approach, for their booth design, with the intention to facilitate customer conversation and potential sales conversion.


How we did it

We utilised the booth’s raw space to give each e-Bike its own visual space. We traced empty spaces around each e-Bike, so that customers felt that they are browsing through a large e-bike showroom.

The booth walls utilised white laminate, which were brightly lit with discrete arm lights. This created a utilitarian colour style that is both sleek and modern.

We placed a welcome counter with back lighting at the front of the booth, to compliment the booth’s hanging banner. By placing top-level and eye-level branding in a single field of view, it became easy for any passer-by to spot the booth from a distance.

To create a cosy ambience at the booth we provided ample seating, which combined with the booth’s spacious layout, would make customers comfortable while conversing.

For their drive pack we built a presentation counter at the centre of the booth, this let visitors see the drive pack in action during product demonstrations.

An energetic response to a Fazua’s efforts

Fazua was overwhelmed with the response. They got to engage with numerous prospects during the entire trade fair duration. They were quite happy with how our booth design exceeded their expectations.



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