Switzerland Cheese Marketing GmbH – EDEKA Innovation Fair 2018

Switzerland Cheese Marketing GmbH –Showcases the savory delicacies of Swiss-made cheese to retailers & customers in Germany



Switzerland Cheese Marketing GmbH advertises several brands of Swiss-made cheese to raise its desire in foreign markets. Retailers and end-users are their market segment. The company had collaborated with Expo Exhibition Stand for fulfilling their requirement of promoting Swiss-made cheese brands to attendees in EDEKA Innovation Fair in Karlsruhe, Germany.

EDEKA is a German-based supermarket that hosts the EDEKA Innovation Fair. They provide a platform for European businesses in the F&B industry to advertise their products. For Switzerland Cheese Marketing GmbH this fair was a prestigious opportunity to fulfill their goal of cultivating awareness in Swiss-cheese products.


  • exhibition ideas
  • hire stands
  • stand designs
We at Expo Exhibition Stands designed their island stand to give each product its own branding space. Display counters and sampling stations with brand-specific exhibition graphics were used. However, to emphasis the Swiss connection between these products we installed a rotatable Swiss flag and placed counter tables in each corner draped with the Swiss flag. These two stand design elements allowed attendees to instantly distinguish the booth as Swiss.

Furthermore, to pique curiosity and convey authenticity, sampling counters were complemented with additional tables that demonstrated the Swiss-way of making cheese. As a consequence of this attendees left with a new-found knowledge and appreciation for Swiss-made cheese.

Switzerland Cheese Marketing GmbH found a great deal of interest and engagement from attendees at the Fair. They were pleased with their exhibition stand design and quoted that they were looking forward to working with Expo Exhibition Stands for future trade shows.



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