Choose the right exhibition for your business

Choose the right exhibition for your business


It is important that you choose the right exhibition for your product and the company. Avoid making the mistake of being loyal to specific trade shows even if they’re not bringing any results. Choose the biggest and most popular shows that can get a good return on investment.

In order the probability of what trade shows can provide, It is necessary that you do all your trade show homework. This means you need to know everything right from setting up exhibition stands to planning a strategy to turn possible leads at your exhibition stands into profit.

For instance you need to understand that cphi worldwide, automechanika and ltb berlin have completely different products to offer as they belong from different sector.

Here are a couple of thing that you need to consider before you decide which exhibition.

1. Create and set objectives

Before you start making a list of shows that you want to attend this year, define your strategies. You and your team need to be aware of the fact that what you are going to exhibit at your exhibition stands. Highlight reasons for the need to exhibit your product at the exhibition stand and pin down key objectives before you spend money on the show. CPhi worldwide will have a different list of exhibitors from automechnika.

2. Create a budget

It is evident that exhibitions are not cheap. You need to carefully plan your exhibiting budget even before you calculate the space for your exhibition stand. Consider all costs for each individual exhibition stands, registration fees, exhibition stand space and your exhibition display, travel, hotel, product giveaways and many other factors.

3. Research all your options

Now that you have your objective and budget in place, start a thorough research. To make the process simple, categorize the possible list of shows by country, industry, date, size or price. Again, make sure that the product that your plan to exhibit is fit for (say) CPhi worldwide or automechanika. Ltb Berlin exhibiting their product in a real estate exhibits would seem out of place. Hence, carefully consider trade shows that are affordable and would help you get potential business-providing customers.

Check social media pages to see how popular the show and its reviews. Visit as many trade shows as possible prior to exhibiting. This will give you ideas as simple as how to manage space on exhibition stands

4. Consider your audience

You also need to figure out the target audience at your exhibition stand. Your consumer’s interest is your key to success. Research your target market to find out which shows they’re attending. Some of the potential buyers may regularly attend smaller shows that are not industry specific. There are buyers who would visit both, CPhi worldwide as well as automechanica. Local events can possibly give you a bigger ROI. It’s crucial that you have a clear idea of percentage of attendees that fit your customer profile. Also consider the location of your exhibition stand at the trade show Before you go exhibiting

Take time to choose your space and exhibition stand design. Once you know which shows to attend, decide if you need a custom exhibition stand, a portable display that can be used again.

Plan your social media marketing. Post pictures of exhibition stands, create your own websites. CPhi worldwide and automechanika have dedicated websites.

These are just a couple of easy steps to consider when choosing the right exhibition and right exhibition stand for your business. At the end, it is your exhibition stand idea, your research on your customers and your knowledge about your products decides the success at any tradeshow.




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