Communication tips to hold the crowd at exhibitions

Getting a swanky exhibition stand tops the list of the best exhibition ideas; ensures that your stall is thronged with potential clients and customers. Once your clients are in the stall, it is totally up to your sales force to retain them and crack profitable deals for your brand.

This is where good trade show staffing skills come to play. Here, we give you some tips to help you and your staffs hold the crowd at exhibitions.

1. Looks are never deceptive – The first thing anyone notices about you after they have entered the exhibition booth is the staff. Appropriate trade show staffing can take your brand to the next level. Hire staff according to the product you are selling. If it’s a brand catering to children’s needs, women and young men work the best; similarly for an automobile company selecting men that look confident and well-spoken will add great value to the brand. Also, making sure that the staffs are well dressed will help you project a favourable image.

2. Leave a great first impression

We cannot undermine the power of the first impression especially when it comes to exhibitions. Once people show up at your exhibition booth retention of customers totally depends on your trade show staffing. Staff with good communication skills is a boon to any brand. Another good quality that helps to retain customers is common courtesy and politeness. Small things like smiling and maintaining a good posture leave a positive impression on the audience that will eventually help your brand in the long run.

3. Ask the right questions – Often sales staff can come across as too eager. During the trade show staffing process it is important you hire people that are patient yet resilient. Instead of irritating the customers with too many questions or simply hovering around, ask limited but impactful questions. Asking questions peaks the interest of the audience in your exhibition booth and also gives the salesperson an insight into the consumer. When you ask the right questions, it also gives the impression that the person has good knowledge about the product he/she is selling.

4. Light humor is always welcome – Humour is a good way to connect with the audience visiting your exhibition booth. Light and guarded humour can help form a personal bond with the audience. It is also a good ice-breaker and helps the audience to open up. One must be cautious since we do not want staffs that are joking around all the time.

5. Be genuinely interested – After you have caught the attention of the audience retaining his/her attention is altogether a different ball game. Pretences wear off sooner than later and only solid productive conversation matures into a deal. Hence, we recommend that you listen carefully to the clients and customers and answer their queries as clearly as possible. When you pay acute attention to your audience, you will find more and more people visiting your exhibition booth.

6. Don’t rush the consumer – Often sales executives find themselves rushing to close the deal. This is why trade show staffing must be done with utmost care. Once you have gauge the attention of the audience, give them room to discuss amongst each other and contemplate about your product and service. Maintain a reasonable distance so that you are available whenever they are ready to talk. Persuading clients to get into a deal more often than not drives them away from your exhibition booth.

7. Close the deal – Closing is a deal is a tactful move and must be done carefully. Most customers may need a final push before committing to the product or service. It must be done carefully and smoothly. Your audience must never feel that you are pushing too hard to close the deal or going great lengths to convince them. Closing the deal must be a smooth transition from a great conversation.

8. Provide Reasons to Communicate – While working over your coolest exhibition stand design tips, make sure you provide reasons for your customers to talk with your staff. You can encourage trial of your product/service or allow them to handle your product or software. You can also demonstrate equipment and discuss its benefits and capabilities. Providing a fun environment with games and prizes will certainly catch the attention of your target audience.

9. Don’t assume One of the essential tips for exhibitions is not to judge and make assumptions about the individuals you meet at the event. There will be a time when a young guy who might look like an unkempt student is a manager with buying potential or an old woman who might look knowledgeable but is an expert in the different field. Therefore, ask the right questions to get people talking about their business and requirements. Carefully pay attention to understand the real view.

10. Stay Energised and ready to help – Exhibitions are tiring events as your staffs need to stand and talk to attendees’ whole day which requires a lot of stamina and mental alertness. Attendees run away from exhibition stands whose staffs appear dull and exhausted. Therefore, it is essential to find exhibition tips and ways to motivate and keep your team morale high. Attendees will only approach your stand if your booth staffs look friendly, energised and helpful. Even the last attendee of the day can turn out to be a potential customer, so your staffs need to be always focused.

Above mentioned are few of the exhibition tips for communication that could be worked upon to improve your exhibition communication. When the event ends, make sure you have a team debrief to understand the good and bad points of the event. These details would later work as essential tips for exhibitions ahead of you. Also, follow-up with the qualified leads and ensure that they convert into customers and generate sales.

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