Creating a Wholesome Brand Experience

Creating a Wholesome Brand Experience


With its tremendous success rate exhibitions and events have become a focal point of BTL marketing. Every brand is trying to outdo its competitor. Exhibitions are not limited to modifying and enhancing your exhibition stand design, now brands strive to create a wholesome brand environment.

Unlike booking and finalizing your exhibition stand, creating brand experience isn’t as simple. Most exhibition stand manufacturers and exhibition stand contractors understand it. They now concentrate on producing the whole experience rather than just the exhibition stand.

Before you consult exhibition stand contractors, you must first understand the basic components necessary to create a brand experience.

Setting the right tone

Your marketing approach and tonality must be synonymous with your brand and product. Considering your product and your target audience, determine how you want the exhibition stand design to look like and what emotions the entire brand experience should evoke. For example; if your brand is child-centric, your entire brand experience should have a colorful, playful appeal. Once you determine your target group the rest of the task is simpler. By analyzing your anticipated crowd you can ask your exhibition stand contractor to create the stand and use colors and graphics that would appease your crowd.

Creating an ambience

To create brand experience is simply to create an ambience. Your exhibition stand design must not resemble a stall or a booth. It is all about adding elements that complement each other to fabricate an ‘ambience’. While doing so you need to check everything; be it walls, panels, flooring, staff, space and accessories. Everything should harmoniously come together to make your exhibition stand look less like a stand and more than a store. Guide your exhibition stand manufacturers and explain to them how you picture the whole thing and carefully select elements that complement your product and brand image.

Experiential Activities

User engagement is of utmost importance during exhibitions and events. This is the sole reason you are participating so make sure your experiential activities and nothing less than outstanding. Live demonstrations, Q and A sessions are the basic activities you can do. You can add an extra touch to make your brand experience memorable by conducting games and quiz shows and giving away spot prizes. Such activities instantly gather a huge crowd, entertain the audience and most importantly increases brand recall. Experiential activities will liven up your stand and bring your whole exhibition stand design together.

Using technology to your advantage

With latest advancements in technology, most brands opt for elaborate lighting and digital graphics to enhance their exhibition stand design. Exhibition stand manufacturers have started adopting technology to innovate their exhibition stand. After your stand is installed, consult the exhibition stand contractor and add led lights and digital images to bring the whole stand together. There is a thin line between classy and over-the-top, make sure your exhibition stand design doesn’t look tacky and doesn’t take away from the product.

Analyzing the aggregate product

Once your exhibition stand is set up, lighting and graphics are in place, analyze the entire stand. Scrutinize whether all the elements of your booth merge together to present a singular image. Everything from the stand to the staff must present a wholesome image. Always remember, you may upgrade your stand and graphics as much as you like but the product must always be the hero of the show!

Anything that takes away from the product must either be toned down or eliminated completely. In the end, you do not want your consumer to remember your elaborate stand or graphics. Your aim is to create a pleasant and enjoyable experience that imprints a positive image of the brand in the consumer’s mind.



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