Creative Ways to Increase Footfall at your Trade show booth

Exhibitions are a highly competitive arena. Major brands and Fortune 500 companies are investing heavily in below the line marketing activities such as exhibitions. With a hundred exhibitors showcasing their latest products with creative trade show booth ideas, the competition is cut-throat at exhibitions, especially.

If you as an exhibitor are not stepping up your exhibiting game with an enticing marketing plan and attractive booth ideas, then it is likely that your competitors will overshadow you. It can be said that the more eye-catching and impressive your trade show booth is, the better chance it has to attract the crowd on the day of the event. Exhibitors from all over the world have gauged the value of using the funds wisely so that their trade show booth woos visitors through technological and digital innovations. Established brands and companies hire the best exhibition stand design companies to develop creative trade show ideas and engaging exhibition designs. Often exhibitors are overwhelmed by the option of creative trade show booths presented to them and get confused about the selection of a suitable exhibition booth design. The best way to go about it is to blend in the agenda of the brand along with the theme of the convention booth design ideas.

The trade show booth ideas must exemplify your brand image. It will help to increase brand recall value. Likewise, your trade show booth design ideas must also strongly echo your marketing plan and strategy. Only then can you be assured to receive a high return on your investment. Best trade show booth designs comprise of all these attributes, plus it is striking and appealing in order to attract visitors towards your brand.

Here are some tips that suggest as to how your trade show exhibit design, and creative booth ideas, and other exhibitors trade show exhibit designs can add the wow factor to your trade show booth ideas and help them to stand out in the crowd of exhibitors.

Promote your product with Brand Colours

Many trade show booth design ideas use a smart blend of their brand colours in their trade show booth rental displays to ensure all eyes are on them at the show. This is a smart thing to do since it subconsciously helps the visitor to associate your trade show booth rental with your brand and company. Trade show exhibit designs such as Plexiglass towers make the brand look larger than life. There were snacking arrangements made at workstations of trade show booth so that visitors could move through the display more easily. It also provided space for the users to refresh themselves.

Also, select colours that subconsciously help the audience to associate your booth design to your product. For example; the colour black or deep blue is often associated with lifestyle and fashion brands whereas red, yellow, and orange is associated with the food and beverage industry. Cosmetic companies are often found using pink or purple shades, whereas tech companies prefer silver with other bright colours as silver signifies them as modern and sophisticated. Therefore it is always advisable to choose colours that clearly communicate what the brand is and what do they offer.

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Boost Brand Visibility with Logos

The exhibitors used elaborated designer logos in the trade show booth designs ideas to highlight their brand name. Some of the exhibitors have a small exhibition booth rental but are able to make a visually appealing and really creative display. Creative graphics and displays give a facelift to any basic trade show booth design. It subtly imprints on the visitor’s mind and also ensures brand visibility at the show. With the help of a truss system, you can suspend a hanging banner with your brand above your exhibition stand. This will not only boost visibility but also give you an edge over your competitors.


Use the technology to power your booth

Using the latest technology and inventions instantly and easily puts your brand in the big league. It makes your trade show booth rental look tech-savvy and relevant. It also pulls the young crowd to your booth, making it look busy and alive. Trade show fairs have been using a lot of latest technology in their trade show booth ideas that attract visitors. Some technologies are adopted at various trade show booth designs such as intelligent displays, and DFI technology, etc. The display has a central tower that comprises of multiple screens that were synchronized with each other and powered with DFI’s own media engine.

You can communicate either with a large flat-screen monitor with a looping sales presentation to grab the attention of passers-by or have interactive kiosks that allow attendees to browse through your product or services. There are companies who also offer a real-time experience to their audience through Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality. The use of tablets at trade fairs has rapidly increased, and it is found that two-third of exhibitors make use of them at their booth.

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Make the most of your Booth Space

The secret of captivating your audience attention is to make use of the available space wisely. If you have a large Trade show booth rental, it is a wise decision to invest in making it feel as wholesome as possible. It is found that visitors prefer booth in which they were facilitated to walk through a lit up tunnel to enter the main display, which had product displays, driving ranges and even mini theatres that showcased a whole range of their product presentation rather than an old school booth.

The whole idea is to make your booth look clean and inviting; therefore, avoid packing it with clunky furniture and bulky inventory. Leave some empty space in your booth so that it doesn’t appear sparse. You can have a separate space for private meetings with your customers. This will let you communicate with your customer on a personal level without getting interrupted. You can consider design elements that can create an intimate meeting area at your booth. Apart from it, you could also have a lounge area which would allow your visitors to relax and get refreshed from the hectic trade show schedule. Some companies even offer refreshing drinks or cookies that attract the crowd at their booth.


Use large screens to really catch people’s eye 

Popular and iconic brands have to figure out a way to attract their audience while maintaining their theme. Deviating from the pre-set theme or marketing campaign can create more trouble than good. This can be done using creative trade show booth ideas using screen projections and jumbo screens that streamed various Polaroid photo images. These images are framed with the iconic Pictorial borders; all of the pictures hang over a comfortable lounge area where visitors can sit back and relax.


Make your booth social friendly

A couple of years ago, National Automobile Dealers Association, had a display that made visitors feel like they were at a social trade convention. They were welcomed at a reception space and then were shown into a lounge that was equipped with a DJ booth and a bar. There was also a conference room set up along with demo stations for products showcasing. Such trade show designs make a stronger impact on the audience rather than the traditional design. Depending upon the theme of your booth, you could work on your design like suppose; if you’re into vertical farming, then you could have shelves with potted plants which makes your brand livelier.

Conduct exciting user-engagement activities at your trade show booth

Fun and games are probably the easiest, cost-efficient, and effective way to pull the audience towards your trade show booth. A trade show booth bustling with people tends to attract the attention of many. User-engagement activities will help you serve two purposes. One it will attract even more attention towards your booth, and second, it will help you to build a strong relationship with your visitors. Engaging your visitors with interesting games, prizes, and sweepstakes helps to create a positive memory that the visitor will later associate with the brand. In the long run, such activities help to increase brand recall value.

Some of popular user engagement activities that you could include in your trade show booth are as follow:

Games and Competition:

Organising games and competitions at your booth is a fun way to attract the crowd at your booth as people love to participate and win free hampers.


Photo booths:

Setting up a photo booth at your trade show booth will help you win a good amount of traffic at your booth as people nowadays love taking pictures and posting them on social media.


Offer Giveaways:

Distributing free promotional products is the best way to promote your brand at the trade show and helps in brand recall. Just make sure you give something valuable that can be used in their day-to-day life.


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Set the Mood with Lighting

Lighting plays an essential role in trade shows to make your booth design successful and can be incredibly powerful. It helps in influencing mood and sprouts curiosity with a sense of privacy. Depending on your requirement, you can use lights to present your brand and highlight your marketing message. To create a fun atmosphere, install sound-responsive lighting that interacts with booth attendees. Remember to carry extra bulbs and extension cords to avoid any hassles at the exhibition location. With the help of a good lighting system, you will be able to sell your products more effectively.

Stand Out with the Right Flooring

Generally, the floor is the biggest surface of your booth, so make sure you use it efficiently! To give an extra edge, you could raise the floor a bit from the ground. Nowadays, custom flooring coming into the trend; exhibitors try printable floors for their exhibition booth. Digitally printed vinyl flooring is widely used as they are easy to fit and portable. You can customise the floor with a variety of colour textures, wood grains and even have your own customised image. It helps you go beyond the traditional carpet with a stylish look and feel. The major benefit of vinyl flooring is it’s durable and works well for many shows.

We hope this article spurs some creative booth design ideas for your next trade show booth and help you maximise footfall at your booth.

Good Luck!

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