Design Principles to Consider for Your Booth

Design Principles to Consider for Your Exhibition Stand


Exhibition graphics are crucial components for the success of your exhibition booth. Yet, most exhibitors limit their design to simple shapes and brand colours. Yes, it’s true, that your ideas will have to conform to brand colours, but designing an exhibition stand that incorporates many visual elements aside from colour.

Why your Exhibition Booth Design needs to be Thought-Out

The design of an effective exhibition requires the best stand designers who understand your company’s brand. As an end-user, you might not be aware, but the best good designers pay attention to design factors beyond colour.  The process of building and designing a stand requires curating the size, space, form and even font.  Exhibition stand builders with decades of experience usually have the expertise to guide you through the process, but having some design knowledge helps bridge the gap in communication between you and them. This will result in an ideal booth that will match your brand and marketing strategy.

So below are some good principles to know, when you discuss your stand ideas with any exhibition stand manufacturer.

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Font Usage

It might be tempting to go fancy and use trendy fonts, but there are very good reasons for using clean professional fonts for your booth. Fonts suggest a specific tone in the mind of the viewer. A product in the high-class range could use a Garamond or Clarendon font to convey its intended target group, while fonts such as Cambria or Futura give the impression of a product that’s for modern tech-based targets.  Sticking with two font styles for your exhibition stand is advisable since using too many looks cluttered and unprofessional.

Layout Style

The human eye naturally goes from right to left and top to bottom, so it’s important to consider where your logo and the brand message will be placed relative to the position of your stand. Visitors should be able to discern your exhibition booth from a distance and from any side. It’s important to consider what they will see on their first glance. The look of the layout has to achieve two aims:

Attract the attention of your target group

Explain your business in one line or image

Your target group should know in a single glance if you are worth their time. The statement or image you use should tell visitors exactly who you are, what you do and how you can help them. It makes them more likely to approach your booth out of curiosity.

Print Material

Experienced exhibition stand designers understand that difference print makes for the final product. The knowledge to decide which print should be used for outdoor or indoor exhibitions makes a huge difference. The material used for printing also decides your choice of lighting. Backlit stands especially require the correct fabric that doesn’t obstruct the graphics of the brand.

There are various types of material used when in print; some of them are flex, vinyl, and fabric. Each material has its strengths and weaknesses, which any reputed exhibition stand manufacturer can help you distinguish. Do gather as much knowledge as you can on the choice of material you use for your exhibition stand. And don’t compromise on material quality to reduce your costs. Since taking the wrong or the cheapest option can leave you printed banners looking dull and unprofessional.

Brand Theme

When exhibiting at an exhibition, it is essential to design your exhibition stand aligned with your brand’s theme which will help in developing a sense of authenticity around your stand. Therefore, make sure your exhibition stand design has a consistent brand theme across all your design materials, banners, images, freebies etc. for brand recall. For example, Google thrives to maintain a constant branding pattern that perfectly blends with your iconic logo thus creating a bright and engaging exhibition space for visitors.

Interactive Technology

The advent of technology in the exhibition industry has taken over the market by a boom. Incorporating interactive technology in your exhibition stand gives an extra edge to your brand.  Therefore, consider integrating a bit of technology on your stand, for instance, allowing potential audiences to view your website or using VR / AR Tech to demonstrate your product or services. You could look out for different exhibition stand ideas that involve technology to engage your target audience and gain maximum footfall at the exhibition.

Exhibition stand graphics

Exhibition stand graphics will give the ultimate look to your exhibition stand design. It will help in certifying that your company and your brand message is conveyed clearly to your audience, even in a busy exhibition hall where usually the messages go unnoticed due to the huge crowd around. Just like the saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words; a high-quality exhibition graphics images have the potential to draw a huge crowd towards your exhibition space. Look out for something that is strong and simple with a catching tagline that is easily readable even from a distance.

The information here is condensed and should be treated as a glimpse into the process of how designers work to design and build your booth. Hopefully, this information has increased your understanding of how exhibition graphics are planned to make your creative ideas into the ideal booth that enhances your brand.

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