Do you have a Digital Media Strategy for your Trade show Booth?

Do you have a Digital Media Strategy for your Trade show Booth?


With the advent of technology, people nowadays are inclined to use digital media in their day-to-day life.  A trade show, on the other hand, is all about face-to-face marketing and connecting brands with their audience in person rather than virtually. But however confusing or exciting it sounds, trade show marketing and digital media go hand in hand. Social media definitely plays a major role in making your trade show booth successful. Even though digital marketing is steadily making a stronghold over the industry, many brands have yet not made the best use of digital media to promote their exhibitions efficiently.

According to recent studies, it has been observed that exhibitors who avoid using digital platforms fail to achieve the desired success through their trade show booth setup. That is why we have designed a comprehensive digital media strategy that will support your digital marketing campaigns and increase traffic even on your simple booth design.

Building a Detailed Strategy

You will need Social media platforms in the overall journey of your event – right from the time you decide to participate in an event to the time when you follow-up with your customers. Therefore, it is essential to develop a detailed digital strategy which includes your overall goals with the plan of action e.g. which digital platforms to use and deciding on what and when to post.

Creating Pre-Show Buzz long before the event will help  generate  curiosity and excitement among your audience and you will be able to keep them informed about the latest updates about your company.

At-Show Social Media Marketing will help you hook your target audience to your brand. Constantly keeping them updated with the on-going activities at the trade show booth will help in drawing their attention. You can also carry out contests on social media that will help in engaging them.

Post-Show Engagement will help in getting qualified leads. You can follow-up with your leads through emails or various social media platforms. This will help in developing a memorable connection with your audience

Selecting the Right Channel

Each social media platform connects with spectators diversely; try experimenting to discover the best platforms for each message.


For B2B businesses, , LinkedIn is the most influential platform. Get involved in your LinkedIn groups related to the event and share valuable insights to the group discussions. You can also get the attendee’s list from your show planners and connect with the key people. Post native videos of customers getting involved in your trade show booth technology such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Geo-fencing etc.


Facebook is one of the strongest social networks with over 2.2 billion users across the world. It is a great channel for companies to endorse their trade show display to a large number of customers. Trade show booth design ideas such as QR Codes will help visitors to connect directly to your Facebook pages enabling them to engage with your profile.  Take photos of visitors and upload it on your FB page letting your audience to tag themselves in it.


Instagram holds a significant role in grabbing the attention of your target audience when it comes to sharing photos and short videos. Posting booth pictures, exhibit staff at work videos, news and updates of your upcoming or on-going event with the official trade show hashtag will help in creating the right buzz. You can also carry out a contest with an official hashtag that will get you maximum participants. Share the Live experience of your customers with your trade show booth on  your Instagram stories.


Being a widely used online video sharing tool, YouTube has over 1 billion handlers that view videos each month. Sharing a trade show’s teaser video on your channel before the event will help generate curiosity among your potential attendees. . You can also share behind the scenes of trade show booth set up, a testimonial video of your last year’s event or post-show highlights will work wonders.


Twitter offers a platform where you can share your show’s latest updates in just 140 characters, making it an easiest and effective process. You need to generate your own business hashtag for the event so that individuals can easily follow them. Run a live broadcast of tweets which will enable attendees to interact with your brand. You can also post questions and get them talking about your business thus engaging them in your brand.

Blog it

Start blogging about the event, your trade show booth as well as your business. Talk about the USPs and interlink it with your marketing materials and don’t forget to share it on your social media platforms. You can also share your personal exhibiting experience right from the trade show booth builders you choose to all the activities that took place at your booth.

Landing Page

Build a landing page on your company website which will be related to the event you are participating in. You can share all important information about your trade show booth and then link it to all the externals links related to the event. Make sure your landing page has live feeds from your social media pages.

Proximity Marketing

Using Proximity Marketing technique will enable you to engage with your potential customers at the trade show. It makes use of location-based technology such as Beacon, Wi-Fi, NFC (Near Field Communication) and Bluetooth which directly connects with your attendee’s mobile devices. You can share promotional messages and personal invites to people nearby your trade show booth.

Press Release

Press Release helps you spread the right buzz about your trade show participation. It includes product broadcasts, white papers, case studies, images of the booth, exhibition highlights. Submitting it three weeks ahead of the event will help you enhance your SEO result.

Email Marketing

The secret to a successful email marketing campaign is sending the right email to the right audience at the right time. You can send an invitation email to all your potential attendees informing them about the event. Also, make sure you send a reminder mail to them talking about the benefits of attending the event.

We know how effective exhibiting at a trade show can be in generating quality leads and sales but combining digital marketing strategy with it can double the effectiveness. If participating in a trade show is on your mind, we definitely recommend using the above strategies to get a good return on investment. Do share with us which all digital platforms you’re using to market your trade show in the comments below.

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