Are you an international exhibitor looking to participate in as exhibition show in Europe?

In the international trade fair business, Europe is the leading exhibiting destination for exhibitors across the globe. Over 90% of the major global exhibitions take place in Europe.

When it comes to exhibiting in Europe, your exhibition stand design plays a crucial role. In order to have an eye-catching stand design, choosing the right exhibition stand contractor in Europe is imperative.

There are many stand manufacturers in Europe. If you are looking for one that provides a wide array of trouble-free exhibition stand services at a competitive price, then you are at the right place.

Expo Exhibition Stands is the most-trusted choice for international exhibitors exhibiting in Europe. We’re specialized in designing and building custom looking modular stands from 12-100 sq. meters in Europe and we are here to help you! Help you in creating the best exhibition stand in Europe that contributes to a great result of your exhibition participation.

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Why Expo Exhibition Stands is a sought after company for international exhibitors exhibiting in Europe?

Have a look at our stand design selector, and contact us on +49 151 62841259 or email at for a free consultation or 3D design. Without further ado, call us today for a complete range of exhibition solutions in all-inclusive packages and phenomenal exhibition stand rentals in Europe.



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