Expo Exhibition Stands is considered as one of the best exhibition booth contractor in Europe for its service 

So when you are picking an exhibition booth contractor what’s the first thing that you do?

You look up on the internet and try to find some reviews, a good way to start. After all, it has proven to be a reliable method for most products and services that you buy. Except that, you will be hard-pressed to find reviews since, due to the B2B nature of the exhibiting industry, reviews are hard to come by for companies looking to judge the value a good trade show booth contractor provides.

Even with large amounts of money being spent for even the most basic of exhibition booths, most of the companies that are involved can’t look up reviews nor do they have the time to put one up on a review site towards any exhibition booth contractor unless they’re experience was particularly bad. So how do you find exhibition booth builders, who have the expertise to execute an expo booth design with reliability and creativity? Well, that’s simple:

Active Years: You look up their number of years in the exhibiting business, how many clients they’ve served and how active they’ve been in Europe.

Stand Designs: Then, you correlate that with the number of designs they showcased on their website or brochure to create a timeline to see how active they are for the years they’ve mentioned.

That’s usually more than enough to weed out the fly by night booth contractors. If the builder you are vetting doesn’t have a website, you can ask them to mail you their brochure or portfolio. You should also look them up on social media websites such as Facebook or LinkedIn to get a better corporate profile about their company.

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Here’s why you can trust Expo Exhibition Stands as your exhibition booth contractor for Europe

Expo Exhibition Stands started our company in 1979 with the goal to provide our clients with an exceptional service. To do this, we not only provide them with a complete in-house service when it comes to designing, manufacturing and assembling their booth. We also handle storage, transport and provide on-site assembly at the fairgrounds for their exhibition booths. We have been the business of collaborating on exhibition booth design ideas with its clientele to create attractive and brand-conscious exhibition booths for its customers. We have well over 1000 plus booth designs for our clients to choose their next exhibition booth rental.

We then customise the booth based on our client’s brief. We customise stands at our local manufacturing and printing unit, at Apeldoorn, Netherlands or St. Leon Rot, Germany. Whether it is printing new brand graphics add accessories, or increasing a booth’s scalability, Expo Exhibition Stands will get it done for a fixed price. This allows our clients the flexibility to choose their stand and incorporating their trade show booth design ideas.

Reliable booth contractors will always ensure that you are in the good hands, since they know how important it is for them to represent your brand, correctly and they will assist you in achieving your business goals. To make sure you get quality products and prompt delivery services, you have to choose exhibition booth builders who manufacture their exhibition stands in-house and avoid outsourcing their designs.

As exhibition booth contractor you can trust us for reliability and quality since we offer:

Booth designs done an in-house team of experienced booth designers

Local manufacturing and printing units that adhere to high standards of quality

Offices and warehouses across Europe to ensure that we are able to provide a prompt delivery and quick and responsive service.

We deliver creative exhibition booths at a competitive price. With more than 1000 personalized exhibition booth designs for you to choose from, you can select the one that caters to your brand or business needs.

Also, our website features an intuitive online search configurator tool that allows you to access our creative portfolio of booth designs along with its all-inclusive price. Therefore, you can find and rent your next exhibition booth design in just a few clicks. You simply have to select the city you are exhibiting in and the size of your booth. Then our configurator tool will instantly provide you dozens of booth designs, all listed according to price range.

When so many services to offer you are sure to experience a hassle-free exhibition in Europe, we have a keen and dedicated project manager who will be your single point of contact, right from the beginning of your show till it ends. Our key objective is to make your exhibition booth design stand out from the competitors by providing unmatched end-to-end services.

With our team’s persistence and knowledge, you can own a creative exhibition booth rental in Europe, which will not only make your booth the cynosure but will add elegance to your overall marketing strategy.



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