Expo exhibition stands is known to provide the best at exhibition stand design in Germany


German may as well be known as the Mecca for exhibition stand builders Germany. Numerous exhibition shows are hosted here annually. All of which are attended by big brands and top professionals, often from the STEM sector.

So, to have a shot at owning an innovative exhibition stand design in Germany that can rightly portray your brand, you need and expert stand designer.

After all, running exhibition stands is one of those cases of budgeting that needs to be taken care of otherwise it might end up being quite exorbitant when planning for an exhibition stand design in Germany.

But, deciding your stand design is just the first step. It needs to be followed up with extensive research on the available stand designers in Germany. To vet a stand designer is crucial since the designer is responsible for your exhibition stand ideas, not picking the right one can result in consequences that can be frustrating and disastrous.

So make it a point to select a stand designer that is not only has a local presence in Germany. But has several decades of expertise at making several types of exhibition stand design in Germany, for a wide range of clients, preferably European but if the company has international clients as well that is a good bonus.

Expo Display Service GmbH, Katharina-Paulus-Strasse 6 E, D-65824 Schwalbach am Taunus

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Why Expo Exhibition stands is considered as one of the most innovative designers at exhibition stand design in Germany

Quick Delivery and Rapid Service

We have offices and warehouses across Europe in Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland. So whether our clients have their exhibition stands in Germany or anywhere else in Europe we are more than capable of providing them a prompt and timely service

In-House Printing and Manufacturing

Our expert team of designers and stand specialists follow strict standards of quality at our local manufacturing unit when building your exhibition stand. We use the very latest in dye-sublimation technology at our printing unit to provide you with crisp exhibition graphics that pop out.



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