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Design, in its simplest form, is a mode of communication and a powerful one at that. It's like a book cover that entices readers to flip open the pages and dive into the story. Now, think about an exhibition. It's a bustling marketplace of ideas, with each brand vying for attention. In this crowd, your stand is your book cover. It's your first impression, your 'hello,' and your 'let's talk.' That's where stand design comes into play.
  Exhibition stand design is the art and science of architecting your brand's story within the limited confines of an exhibition space. At Expo Exhibition Stands, we bring to the table an impressive portfolio of over 1000 unique stand designs for our clients. To simplify your search for the perfect exhibition stand, we've developed the Expo Stand Configurator at the banner. Just input your exhibition city and budget, and you'll receive a complete catalog of design options.
  Our innovative exhibition stand design ideas are built to ensure your brand garners maximum visibility at any event.

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Key Elements For An Impactful Exhibition Stand Design

As one of Europe's well-known exhibition stands designers, we recognize that the perfect exhibition stand design is a blend of the brand's identity and guidelines, with a strong highlight on the marketing message. While formulating exhibition stand design ideas for our clients, we take into account the following factors:

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Our Work Process

Our Streamlined Process Towards Exhibition Success!
  • Step 1 - Briefing: Understanding Your Objectives and Goals
    We start by understanding your exhibition stand concepts, objectives, and targets. This essential step helps us to understand elements like your intended audience, fundamental messages, and the preferred visual appeal of your stand.
  • Step 2 - Design: Crafting Tailored 3D Stand Designs
    Our skilled designers weave their creativity, creating a bespoke 3D exhibition stand design tailored to your requirements. We welcome your feedback to ensure that the final design is a true embodiment of your vision.
  • Step 3 - Contract: Clarity, Specifications, and Agreements
    We ensure complete transparency in our dealings. Our contract is carefully drafted, covering every detail of your exhibition stand, including specifications, timelines, costs, and key terms and conditions.
  • Step 4 - Graphics & Fabrication: Elevating Visual Appeal and Functionality
    With your brand materials in hand, we breathe life into your exhibition stand. Utilizing our in-house facilities, we produce top-tier graphics while our proficient team builds the stand structure with acute precision. The outcome? A perfect fusion of aesthetics and functionality.
  • Step 5 - Pre-build: Ensuring Perfection Before the Event
    Prior to the event, we do a comprehensive pre-assembly of your exhibition stand at our warehouse. This diligent process facilitates a final review and approval, verifying that every component aligns with your expectations and promises a seamless showcase at the exhibition.
  • Step 6 - Shipping, Installation & Dismantling: Seamless Logistics, Flawless Execution
    Rest easy, and let us handle the logistics. Our committed team oversees the complete shipping process, setting up, and dismantling. Your stand is delivered punctually, impeccably installed by our experienced professionals, and promptly dismantled post-event.

Network in Europe

Conquering Europe's Exhibition Landscape: Our Unstoppable Presence!

Expo Exhibition Stands is a major exhibition stand contractor in the European exhibition industry, etching an unforgettable impression on its landscape. With a solid network of 12 offices strategically scattered across 7 countries, including Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Netherlands, France, and Spain, our influence spans across borders, guaranteeing that we're always within arm's reach to cater to your exhibition demands.


Our formidable presence in Europe symbolizes more than just geographical spread; it's a testament to our comprehensive understanding of the exhibition guidelines, rules, and regulations. We are well-versed in the unique subtleties of each European city, ensuring you a seamless show in compliance with all the requisite regulations.


When you collaborate with Expo Exhibition Stands for European exhibitions, you can trust that we assume full responsibility for your exhibition stands, from the early design phases to the precise assembly process. Our seasoned team will deftly handle the intricacies, ensuring that your exhibition stands design surpasses your expectations.


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Case Studies

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    BUDERUS-Bosch-Thermotechnik-GmbH, Home2-Hamburg-Germany
  • stand design
    Wyma Solutions - Fruit Logistica 2018 - Berlin
  • exhibition stand services
    Switzerland Cheese Marketing GmbH, Edeka Innovationsmesse 2018 - Karlsruhe, Germany

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