Exhibition Stand Graphics: This is how your stand gets a top design.

Fair visitors decide in the blink of an eye whether or not to enter your stand. Appealing graphics are therefore essential.

Why would a trade fair visitor visit your booth? Because your booth looks so nice, or because your booth immediately attracts attention? To ask the question is to answer it. Because no matter how convincing your story and you are, if your exhibition stand is not noticeable, visitors will pass it by.

As an exhibitor, you want to get to the point quickly at a fair. Visitors – often unconsciously – choose the stands that stand out and put the most time and energy into them. You want to belong to that. This is more likely to work with striking and appealing printed matter.

Creative, large, sparkling colors and an clear core message: with professional printing you make the difference. That is why in this article we are sharing 5 tips for strong exhibition stand graphics.

Striking exhibition stand graphics? Set your goals first

A successful trade fair strategy is simple and effective. It is therefore crucial that you think about your goals in advance. Who you want to reach and with which distinctive message you want to attract their attention.

With exhibition stand graphics you want to stand out, increase your brand awareness, and attract visitors.

The starting point for a successful graphic design is simplicity. So clearly determine your message in advance and convey it visually and textually consistently.

Color graphics greatly influence visitors’ emotions

Color has a great influence on your emotions. This applies both personally and on an exhibition floor. Color also determines a large part of your image non-verbally. What do you stand for and what do you want to radiate? Enhance it with color and image.

Blue stands for concentration. It is businesslike and restful and puts visitors at ease. Orange stands for positivity. While yellow is mostly cheerful.

By thinking carefully about your desired appearance and colors in advance, you will stand out sooner. And you prevent yourself from becoming a ‘gray’ mouse on the exhibition floor.


Win the hearts of your visitors with powerful images

We process images 60,000 times faster than text, research shows. We also remember a message in a visual form better. Therefore, use images in your exhibition stand.

A good image or photo makes your message more powerful. You reach the people you want to reach faster and show that you understand them. You can also surprise or amaze them.

An image makes your exhibition stand more attractive and tempting for visitors. Therefore, give images a prominent place in your stand. And let your audience be inspired by photos and pictures that relate to your brand.

Distinguish yourself with special exhibition stand graphics

When everything is the same, customers only look at one thing: the price. It is a popular statement in the marketing world and you cannot get a pin between it. With color, graphics, and design you distinguish yourself from competitors. And you really stand out among everyone else.

An effective exhibition stand immediately attracts attention. Is your budget limited and do you opt for a standard stand? Then think about a different (colored) carpet, for example, a striking exhibition wall or canvas. For relatively little money you are slightly different and that attracts visitors.

Enhance graphics and colors for maximum impact

Colors and images have a major influence on trade fair visitors. You can further enhance this with AV and lighting. With audio and video, you can demonstrate how your solution works. You can also use it to attract attention and start a conversation with interested parties.

Light enhances the appearance of your stand. This way you can optimize the atmosphere of your stand and influence the viewing direction with a targeted lighting plan. This will draw attention to the most important products and services. But you can also highlight your most striking graphic to entice potential customers from a distance.

Stand out at the fair with eye-catching graphics

Trade fair visitors will enjoy your extra effort. The stands that stand out and appeal the most are most popular.

You stand out with professional printing, smart lighting, and the conscious use of colors. Your exhibition stand will work for you and become a customer magnet. This is the perfect prelude to an effective trade fair meeting.




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