Exhibition Stand Ideas to Enhance User Engagement

Exhibition stand ideas to enhance user engagement


Exhibitions are not simply about setting a stand and distributing brochures to any visitor who passes by. To pull off a stand that attracts visitors, your exhibition stand ideas must go beyond just creating an attractive exhibition graphic design. You stand needs to give visitors a reason to stay after they arrived, so that your staff gets a chance to engage with them. The more time you get with your visitors the better your chances for leaving a lasting impression on them. After all, exhibitions are expensive and you want to make sure that you utilize every idea that will improve your chances and help you stand out from the crowd.

The most creative ideas for exhibition stands that engage visitors involve using some social media, gaming activities, and technology. A lot of them are synergized together to create engagements that are unique to the brand and the exhibition stand. So let us help you begin by providing you with three exhibition stand ideas that will help you stand out from the competitions and provide memorable experiences to your target audience.

Games and Competitions

Games are always fun! No matter how many times some might groan at the thought of having games and competitions. It still remains a dependable classic when it comes to finding ideas for exhibition stand design inspiration to enhance your visitor engagement. By introducing a few games in your stand you’ll have something for visitors to get rid of their boredom, which will help attract more people.  You can even find a way to creatively integrate social media as well to generate even more buzz and gather leads.

Competitions are common but still highly effective, because who wouldn’t want a free gift? And thanks to social media it is quite easy for the organizers and participants to involve themselves. You can run several competitions for before the event, during the event, and after the event. Not only will this level of engagement guarantee brand recall, it will also create a positive impression of your business among you industry peers.

Using games and setting up competitions is one of those timeless ideas that will give you huge return on your investment.

Photo Booths

An element of interaction that is both simple and attractive, photo booths add a bit of variety for visitors who would be tired of wandering about the exhibition. Plus, you’ve give them the opportunity to take an interesting picture, which they can share on their social media feed. Just ensure that background and prop are quirky and unique and not just you company logo Pasted on an uninspiring cutout. These are one of those exhibition stand ideas that require a bit of creative thinking but are not too difficult to pull off.

Create a lounge area

Several exhibitions stand design ideas can be incorporated with the lounge idea, if you can spare the space. You can create a rest and recharge area for people to catch up on their mails, recharge their phones, or maybe use the wifi. Of course, they have to give their credentials for using the wifi, you can also keep a bowl where visitors can put their business cards. This not only helps to give your visitors an experience they are bound to remember, but it also lets you create a database of all the visitors that attended your exhibition stand.

So there you have it, by thinking creatively and capitalizing the latest technology, you will find plenty of ways to innovatively engage with your target audience and attract more audiences. By appending these activities to your exhibition stand, you’re sure to generate more leads and create a memorable impression of your brand on visitors.

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