Exhibition Stand? Internal showroom? Or just both..? Furnish your showroom with your own exhibition stand

Michelle de Winter is Managing Director of Winza. An innovative family business that specializes in, the development and production of Outdoor Covers. High-quality protective covers for garden furniture, trampolines, bicycles, table tennis tables and, other things that deserve protection from the elements.

How do I keep in touch with my customers right now?

That is a question that (also) keeps Michelle de Winter busy. Winza participates in fairs a few times a year. But the regulations in the field of exchanges concerning Corona do not allow this now. After the summer, the first fairs can be organized again. But how do you create in-person contact with your target group now without fairs? Buyers want to see, feel and try the products.

“The idea came from Michelle herself”, says Martijn van den Hazel working for Expo Exhibition Stands.

“We were in touch about their participation in the Spoga-Gafa trade fair. The outlook for exhibitions in Germany is good for the period after the summer, but the development of Covid-19 is also difficult to predict. There is still a chance that the Sport & Garden fair will still be canceled. In that case, Michelle wants to meet and greet her customers at the Winza location in a professional manner ”

“During a 1.5-meter appointment Martijn looked at the available space in our company and he promised to come up with a design and a plan of action to realize the whole as quickly as possible,” says Michelle.


Mobile stands

Expo Exhibition Stands was founded in Switzerland in 1979 under the name Expo Display Service. Our specialty is the development and production of mobile exhibition stands.

Martijn explains; “We give entrepreneurs the freedom to build and dismantle their stand themselves. This makes them decisive and flexible when it comes to exhibitions planned long in advance, but also when it is decided ad hoc to participate in an event or trade fair when an opportunity suddenly arises. Because you make a one-off investment, you can control your costs perfectly. You can earn back your own mobile exhibition stand at the 2nd or 3rd exhibition participation! ”




The stand that Expo Exhibition Stands delivered at the showroom of Winza can be completely disassembled and reused, which means that in the future it can simply be taken to any trade fair.

If the trade fair stand changes in shape and/or size at those trade fairs, the modular stand can easily change with it and all printing can easily be renewed if necessary. On all days when there is no exhibition, it will shine in Enschede during in-house fairs / (open) days when Michelle and her colleagues invite their customers internally.


Bob Koopmans is Sales Manager at Winza

“The summer months are essential in our business. This is the time when people enjoy their garden and everything in it, such as parasols, furniture, and related items. In the autumn, all this must be cleaned up and covered again, and then we must already be in the picture ”.

Bob continues: “Online you can share a lot of information and draw customers’ attention to your products. Actually closing the deals and making concrete agreements with sales channels just goes better when you meet people face-to-face. Even though we may not be shaking hands for the time being: Meeting each other physically and looking each other in the eye works 100 times better than an abstract website or an e-mail ”

“From the end of June, we will be offering all our customers and prospects the opportunity to come and see and experience our renewed product line in a beautiful ambiance. How cool is that? Just in our own, cozy Twente. We are already looking forward to it! ”

Are you also curious about the possibilities of a mobile showroom design that can also be used as an exhibition stand? Send us an email info@expoexhibitionstands.com or call
+49 151 62841259. For information about the protective covers, please contact Winza at: info@winza.com or 0031-53-4878187



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