Exhibition Stand Set-Up Ideas for a Lasting Impression

Exhibition Stand Set-Up Ideas for a Lasting Impression


Over the years, exhibitions have proven to be one of the leading marketing tactics for gaining long-term results and stronger customer base.  Exhibitions are all about connecting with your target audiences through your products or services in the best way possible. Exhibition stands are the very first things that the attendees will notice in an exhibition.

In order to leave a lasting impression in the minds of your attendees, you need work on the overall appearance of the stand. There are some companies who treat exhibition stands as a structure to house their products or services. Having such mindset will result in failure for achieving the desired output. One thing to remember always is people only choose the exhibition stands that are impressive rather than those who are mediocre.

Along with the investment of time, money and resources in the event, you need to come up with creative ideas for exhibition stands that will make sure that your brand is presented in a unique way. It is essential to understand the role it plays in an exhibition. Right planning and careful designing will allow you to drive visitors as well as generate potential leads and sales.

Integrate Technology

With the ever-evolving technological era, the use of technology in exhibition stands is winning hearts worldwide. When it comes to making you stand out from the sea of exhibitors and creating a delightful experience for your customers, integrating technology into your stand design is one of the influential exhibition stand ideas that will provide a good return on investment. Smart use of technology will enable you to work out things effortlessly. You could make use of tablets, virtual reality or augmented reality to demonstrate your products or services in an interactive way.

Designated Meeting Area

Exhibitors participate in exhibitions with the motive of doing business, so while planning on exhibition stand ideas it is important to include a meeting cube in your design. Having a separate and comfortable area where you can discuss with your customers over a coffee will help in getting the best from your time at the event. A semi-private section will make it easier for both customers as well as your staff to talk without any disturbance since important business decisions cannot be discussed at a poseur table. You could even hire exhibition stands which enable you to choose the meeting space depending on the type of space that suits best for your business.

Look for Portable Solutions

Why waste money on logistics when you can fit exhibition stands into a single carrier bag on wheels. This will enable you to carry a lighter load thus saving a lot on your transportation budget. You could even hire exhibition stands that are travel-friendly and are multi-functional. These stands can be easily assembled and tear down even by your team members. Make use of portable storage boxes to store your belonging and unnecessary things so that the exhibition stands appear clutter-free and have enough room for the visitors. You can make use of high impact signage which can be easily set up and transported thereby helping in drawing public towards your stand.

Every exhibition event is different – right from the attendees to the setup procedures; you need to be flexible enough to adjust your stand design accordingly. An Exhibition is truly a great way to interact face to face with existing as well as prospective customers. Make sure all the creative ideas for exhibition stands are designed keeping in mind the key message of the brand. Determining the ideal configuration for your event will help you set up the right exhibition stand for your event and help you put your best foot forward at the event.

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