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If you’re looking for exhibition stands in 24 sqm size, then you’ve come to the right place. We are one of the most sought after stand builders in Europe. With well over 900 stand designs in our portfolio, we offer several options to help you pick the perfect stand to represent your brand.We even provide customisation with your rental stands.

To help ease your search even further, we have designed a search tool on our website, Expo Stand Configurator.  This tool lets you search through our entire collection and filter stand designs based on your preferred city and stand size, complete with exhibition stand prices. In the 24 sq. meter exhibition space, we offer exhibition stands in 6×4 and 8×3. So browse at your ease through our 6×4 and 8×3 exhibition stands and pick a stand design that represents your brand.

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Up to 18 sqm  

20 sqm – 30 sqm

32 sqm – 48 sqm

Above 48 sqm

Expo Exhibition Stands offers personalised exhibition stands in 24 sq. meters

Started in 1979, Expo Exhibition stand has a strong presence in Europe. We are one of the few exhibition stand contractors from Germany with a local presence in every exhibiting region in Europe. We have offices, warehouses and showrooms in Germany, Austria, France, Belgium, Spain, Netherland and Switzerland. This means that no matter where your exhibition show is held in Europe we will be able to deliver it to you in a timely manner. We follow the highest standards of quality when building your stand. We don’t rely on third-party contractors when building exhibition stands. Instead your stand design is made at our own manufacturing and printing unit in Germany. This ensures that your stand design is built with zero margin of error. We also provide a 100% pre-build guarantee for every type of stand we deliver.This is applicable to every stand we deliver from the small 6×4 exhibition stands to large 15x4 stands. So choose Expo Exhibition Stands for your next show and get to know the high level of service we offer.

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