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A small exhibition stand can be a good investment for promoting your brand and product. When competing with several other brands in a trade show. Even an exhibition stand of 5×5 can help your create your own individual identity. But the catch is that you need to invest in a good exhibition design that can rightly portray your brand at the show. For that you need to find experienced exhibition stand manufacturers in Europe, that have several decades worth of expertise at designing exhibition stands for clients in several different industries. Commissioning an exhibition stand company to design your 25 square meters exhibition stands is essential since stand designers have a clear understanding of the kind of aesthetics that will appeal to attendees.

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Expo Exhibition Stands has a large portfolio of Exhibition stands in 25 sqm to choose from!

Expo Exhibition Stands has over 30 years of experience in turning creative exhibition stand ideas into practical stand builds. We are one of the most sought out stand builders in Europe during our extensive experience and in-house facilities for clients. Expo Exhibition Stands has several innovative designs in its range of 25 square meters exhibition stands. Several of which can be easily browsed through on our Expo Stand Configurator on our website. You can quickly find the designs that you like from our Configurator in three clicks. You will find that even our small exhibition stand ideas are exclusive designs made by our designers from the build of the stand to exhibition stand graphics at our in-house manufacturing facility and state of the art printing unit. All delivered to you on time due our teams having their offices in every major city in Europe.

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