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A+A is a big one for the occupational safety industry. Are you going well-prepared?


A+A is an event dedicated to the world of industrial and occupational safety. Exhibitors from all over the world would gather at this event to showcase the best practices in making people safe at work. This event underscores the prime importance of a healthy and safe workforce. A+A would be hosted at Fairground Dusseldorf.

A+A is an event for you to network with the key decision makers in world of occupational safety equipment. This event is going to host more than 65,000 visitors from more than 57 countries all over the world. The number of exhibitors is projected to be about 2000. You are surely going to learn a lot from this broad mass of humanity. A+A provides the opportunity for you to network with the right people at the right place. It also offers the opportunity for you to broaden your horizon.

There are surely a lot of other exhibitors at A + A. If you really want the world to benefit from the innovation you have to offer, you really need to stand out of the crowd and project the utility of your brand. You can actually do this without saying anything by having a very good exhibition stand. To ensure that your exhibition stand is top-notch, you need an established stand builder to work on it for you. Expo Exhibition Stands has built thousands of booths over the years and our experience, skills and results speaks volumes for our quality.

Hire Exhibition Stand at A + A: Clever Choices For A Savvy Exhibitor

The rental exhibition stands we provide would be redesigned to specifically fit into your brand story. This way, your exhibition stand hire is as good as any custom stand and it doesn’t have the necessary worries associated with owned exhibition stands. Some of these worries include transportation, storage and maintenance.  With exhibition stand hire, all these issues fade into thin air. The only thing you need to be worried about is concentrating on putting on a good performance at the exhibition.

If you are interested in having a stellar exhibition stand, feel free to contact us at any time.

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  • With a tight timeline Expo managed to setup the launch. We would again “Thank You" for the extraordinary dedication that has helped make this events a great success.



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