European Coatings Show gives you the opportunity to trade ideas in the world of paint. Will you win over your audience?


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Exhibition Stands European Coatings Nuremberg


European Coatings Show is the best place to exchange ideas with innovative leaders for the latest developments in nanoparticles, pigments, additives, painting systems or production technology. Through this show, you can discuss trends and techniques for the production of paints, varnishes, sealants, building materials and adhesives. Be a part of all the action by investing in customized exhibition stands for your display.

European Coatings Show will take place at Nuremberg, Germany. At this show, you can expect to meet over 28,481 visitors from 107 countries. Every year, the show welcomes 1024 exhibitors from 42 countries around the world. 41% of visitors are formulators of coatings and paints, and 92% of visitors are involved in purchasing decisions in their company. That is just all the more reason for you to show them how diverse your company can be. Get in on the activities through custom built exhibition stands.

Why go in for a boring standard display when you can do so much more and get your money’s worth? Through a customized exhibition stand, you can breathe life into your weary exhibition stand display and show your competitors just how far you can go. Woo your visitors through magnificent displays that are marked prominently with your company’s logo and branding, allowing you to remain in their memories even after the show.

Hire Customized Exhibition Stands European Coatings Nuremberg: Woo the crowd with little budget

While a customized exhibition stand may seem like too large an investment you can always choose to go in for a customized exhibition stand hire. Even when you go for an exhibition stand hire, our design team will give a complete makeover for a fully customized look and feel. What a way to impress your audience!

The customized exhibition stand hire can be of various shapes or sizes based on the exhibition space that you have rented out. Just take a look at some of the designs we have available. We will then be able to easily customize it to fit your company’s look by incorporating your business’ graphics and logo in the design.

Come see for yourself by contacting Expo Exhibition Stands today. See what marvels we can work for you at European Coatings Show.

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We have built lasting brand impressions and customer engagements through compelling exhibition stands. Don’t just take our word for it; read on to see what our clients have to say about our world-class solutions and services.

  • With a tight timeline Expo managed to setup the launch. We would again “Thank You" for the extraordinary dedication that has helped make this events a great success.



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