How can I make useful business contacts at trade fairs?

Having a visitor at your booth is one thing and turning that visitor into a useful business contact is another. How you deal with your attendees can make or break a potential business partnership. Here are a few effective ways to network at trade show and generate quality business leads.

  • Well-designed business card

Your business card will reflect who you are and be the face of your company once the visitor leaves your booth. Business cards are one of the oldest yet effective ways of business networking. When designed smartly, business cards can tell the story of business as well as the individual. So when you make strong personal impression on someone and hand out a beautifully designed business card at a trade fair, it is likely to add value to your networking goals.

  • Always smile and stand up

Keep a welcoming smile on your face and always stand up. If you keep sitting behind a desk and try to talk, it ruins the first impression. The whole idea is to make your visitors feel that you are open to welcoming ad speaking to them.

  • Don’t use your phone

If you are busy using your phone even for work purpose, it does not create a great impression. In fact, it’s better to hide your phone when you are dealing with your booth attendees. In case you want to use your phone, use it when you are away from the booth during lunch or breaks. And make sure you don’t hinder the privacy of other booths.

  • Try to strike a connection with people walking past your booth

Every time someone walks past your booth, it’s an opportunity for you to turn them into a useful business contact. Your aim should be to not let anyone walk past without introducing yours brand to them, without being pushy. Make an eye contact, share a smile and engage with them by handing a giveaway. While you handout a giveaway or a brochure, it’s your chance to strike a conversation

  • Be ready to answer any type of question

Be well-prepared with answers to questions you are visitors are likely to ask. Study your product in detail before the show to ensure you are able to answer maximum queries in the shortest time possible. Be happy and enthusiastic to be of people’s help.

  • Don’t run out of product samples

Make sure you have enough products available for sampling and demonstrating.

  • Show-only offers

If someone has made an effort to come to your booth, make them feel special. Make the idea of rewarding them visible. Show-only offers will also increase the footfall on your booth.

  • Make notes of conversation and follow up

To follow up the important leads it important that you have the notes of your conversation, especially if there is anything specifically you discussed with them at your exhibition booth meeting. It would be easy for you to continue a conversation and precede things further.

All these tips will certainly help you make useful business contacts at a trade fair in Europe.