What is the primary objective of most businesses at trade fairs?

Trade fairs have more than what meets the eye and there could be hundreds of reasons for businesses to participate in trade fairs. Different businesses have different objectives for participating in trade shows, but the most common objectives for businesses to participate in trade shows are to

  • Generate highly targeted business leads – With a well-planned trade show marketing campaign and a well-designed, high-quality exhibition booth, businesses can spark the interest of their prospects in their products and services. As a result, people who attend exhibitions tend to commit to deals on the spot. Also, research says 85% percent of attendees have purchasing power. The fact that most trade shows are only open to industry experts and business professionals, help exhibitors get in touch with filtered and highly targeted audiences, which can turn out to be precious businesses leads for them. These leads have so much more worth as compared to names and numbers taken from business directories.

There are three ways to get successful targeted leads 

  • Make your sales goals clear to your sales teams so that they an objective to achieve
  • Interact with all the attendees to turn them into your customers
  • Take notes of your conversations with your attendees so that easy to follow up after the event


  • Learn what’s working and what isn’t –

Most businesses have set their goals, targets and campaigns in place before the event. A lot of these marketing campaigns work and some don’t. Trade fairs are a great platform to see what your competitors are doing to promote their products and services. Businesses at exhibitions tend to closely observe each other’s activities to brace themselves up for their upcoming trade shows and events.

  • They check which booths are attracting more crowds and adopt the tactics that they following
  • Keep a track of deals, offers and prices to check how competitive their offers and prices are
  • Many times they interact with the sales teams of other booths to check how they attend to their customers and understand their business objectives


  • Develop and strengthen their brand

Branding can make a huge impact on people and their perspectives, especially in industries which rely on trust and reputation. Exhibiting in trade fairs is one of the best ways to convey a loud and clear message to your competitors and visitors that you are serious, reliable and large enough to afford a high-quality exhibit at leading events and conferences.

  • Many times small businesses participate in trade fairs to ascertain that they have graduated from a “start up” to an “established business”. It’s a great way to reinforce in the minds of visitors and competitors that you are serious about your achieving business goals.
  • If you are a big business, you can position yourself as market leader by creating experiential spaces and giving an extraordinary brand experience to your prospects in trade fairs.

Using attention-grabbing exhibits, creating attractive marketing communication around your booth and recognisable display banners makes it easy for prospects to notice their brand.