Why should I participate in trade fairs?

Trade fairs have more than what meets the eye. There are lots of reasons to participate in trade shows, especially for small and medium size businesses. There is a lot in store for both the exhibitors and visitors.

  • Networking – A trade show is a great way to meet industry experts and businesses performing well in the market. It’s a sophisticated platform for doing business on a national and international scale. Exhibitions usually result in joint ventures, tie ups and help bringing in investment to your business and home country.
  • Brand building – If you are a market leader in your industry you can still participate in trade show to form a deep connection with the audience who know your brand already. The best way to do that is by exhibiting or setting up digitally enhanced experiential spaces which reinforce the connection between brands and customers.
  • Information/Research – If you are a newbie in your industry or in trade fairs, you can always participate to get an insight into the latest trends in the industry. You can witness the newest innovations by industry experts and get ideas on how to expand your business. Industry experts often conduct conferences, workshops, and seminars in trade fairs that can be of lot of importance to your business.
  • Deal making – Research says 85% of attendees have purchasing power which justifies the fact that that trade show meetings often result in tie-ups and joint ventures. When different aspects of an industry, including distributors, suppliers and manufactures gather in one place, exhibitors touch base with broader audience where the“y are able schedule meetings, collaborate on projects and negotiate orders. When businesses conduct discussions directly with suppliers, a multitude of opportunities can arise.
  • Test market – When you are looking to enter into a new market or brand expansion in a new region, you can always participate in international trade shows to test the waters and find new customers.