FTI Touristik – Holiday Fair, Vienna, 2018

FTI Touristik – Engaging a large turnout at the Holiday Fair, Vienna


FTI Touristik GmbH is a travel operator with an extensive network across Europe. Considered as a market leader within the travel industry, it is known among customers and businesses professionals alike, for its strong global presence and cost-effective deals.

With the goal to reach out to new prospects, FTI Touristik had planned to participate in The Holiday Fair (Ferien-Messe Wien) being held in Vienna. The Holiday Fair is one of the largest travel fair held in Vienna. FTI had commissioned Expo Exhibition Stands to build an exhibition stand for their presence at the Holiday Fair.


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Expo Exhibition Stands utilized a 10x8 m2 space to build a two corner booth for FTI Touristik with a design that was oriented to accommodate large-scale engagement with attendees. To give greater visibility across the fair, we designed a square-shaped hanging banner. Since FTI Touristik is a subsidiary of the prestigious FTI group, we leveraged this in the graphics of our hanging banner, to alleviate any doubts about the company’s credibility. Furthermore, to ensure that the booth staff would be able to simultaneously engage with multiple visitors, we provided several workstations with large areas of the booth space dedicated to seating.  For private discussions, we designed an isolated space with seating, behind the booth’s graphic wall. FTI Touristik was quite pleased to know that the exhibition booth was quite capable to handle the large footfall they had received during the show.



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