Guidelines to filter out bogus exhibition stand contractors

Guidelines to filter out bogus exhibition stand contractors


Exhibition stands are brilliant for exposing your brand to new avenues for business. Exhibitions still remain largely popular in this information age, simply because it establishes a solid foundation for familiarity that can be only found, when interacting face to face with like-minded individuals. Not to mention, the other benefits such as the likelihood of gaining interested clients, staying updated on the latest developments within the industry, and getting the chance to analyze your competition within your own industry.

All these benefits tend to give even big brands a huge incentive to participate in exhibition shows. After all, exhibition stands help to attract new talent and leads at the show as well as establish your brand image as an active member of the industry. Big companies want to keep their image as industry leaders and innovators; hence you’ll see them have the largest exhibition stands at the show.

Though there are setbacks involved in exhibiting that can do lasting damage your brand image. Hence to alleviate that big companies invest heavily in their exhibition stand designs and hire a veteran exhibition stand designer because it represents the face of their company at any high profile show.The risk of being caught with a poor or shoddy stand can be a permanent black mark on the company’s reputation minus the benefits. These factors along with online connectivity have made it easy for several exhibition stand contractors to pop up and cash in on the business of exhibition stands.  This can make your search for the right one, even harder!And it doesn’t matter if you are exhibiting at a destination as popular as Germany or anywhere else in the world. Finding expert exhibition stand contractors in Germany is just as difficult as it is elsewhere in the world

As a customer this can be a disaster for you, since you will be spending a lot of time fishing across the vast internet for reliable stand contractors. Large multi-national companies have the benefit of their immense network to find reliable contractors. But you might be a start-up or a mid-sized company that’s looking to wet its feet at their first trade fair.

So how do you find dependable stand contractors? How do you look at the website of a stand designer and figure out if it is authentic? That isn’t a cheap facade run only by a web of outsourced contractors. Well, the first thing to understand is that exhibition contractors are not just that contractors but rather they are also exhibition stand designers and builders for stand design. This distinction is essential for you to absorb, since those that have thrived in the exhibition business for a long time, have done so on the merit of their stand designs and the reliability of their service.

For example look at the German exhibiting scene which is one of the most popular, if you look at any exhibition stand contractors in Germany the ones that have lasted for decades are the ones that have expanded their portfolio at a steady pace to include every type of stand design services. Of course, you still have to careful and look as the credentials of companies that claim to manage every type of stand service. Look for credentials that support their assertions from their website, their social media profile, and clients

The rule for any company to stay in business is that if you plan on staying than you need to ensure that your customers come back to you for repeat business. Trustworthy exhibition stand contractors have many ways to put forth this credibility unlike fly-by-night contractors.

So as customer you just have to be on a look out for the following signs when looking up online.

How old is their latest project? Do they have client testimonials?

This is a great way to filter out exhibition stand contractors that have the means to set up ‘a website.’ Any company that really considers providing its customers a reliable service would not shy away from showing off their projects and use every bit of opportunity to show off their creations on their website and social media pages.  Look for testimonials, images, case studies, how it’s made studies and videos on their projects. See what their clients have said. The more recent it is, the better.

How old is the company?

Looking up the number of years any exhibition stand services has been active, still remains a reliable method for gauging the reliability of any company. The logic behind it is solid and opens more doors for further investigation. Suppose a stand company has been active for decades, then they are sure to have a huge portfolio of designs that would also include some international projects. Furthermore, the time gap between their projects is good indicator of how good they’re at doing their job. If they claim to have been active for a decade but their design portfolio look sparse, then they probably are not the experts that they claim to be, or even worse they might not be active at all and the company has changed hands multiple times.

How diverse is their portfolio?

Avoid exhibition stand contractors that have the same design to show, without any variation in their exhibition stands design beyond exhibition graphics. A diverse portfolio in stand designs is an indicator of their flexibility and depth of their design knowledge.

For example let’s again take the German exhibition scene considering how popular it is. If you look at some of the best exhibition stand contractors in Germany you will find that their stand designs are as diverse as their clientele. They don’t build or rent a single type of exhibition stand design and try to fit it for all their clients rather they consider each clients brand requirement a unique design challenge and strive towards originality.

And there you have it some guidelines to filter out bogus contractors online from the genuine ones. This isn’t the ideal template but more of starter guide to get you moving in the right direction. Eventually with experience you’ll be able to add your own markers to our guide and expand it further with your own knowledge and intuition. So good luck and happy hunting!

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