What can attract your visitors to your back corner booth?

What can attract your visitors to your back corner booth?


Don’t let a less than desirable exhibition stand design steal away your potential clients and visitors. Exhibition booth location is only one of the many factors that can determine the effectiveness of your display. Here are some exhibition stand design ideas that could draw attention of visitors and potential clients despite the unconventional location of your booths.


An effective way to quickly capture an audience’s attention, strategic lighting can compensate the corner location of your exhibition booth.  Whether it’s a logo, products, or something else, consider a back-lit graphic which can really make your message pop. It is one of the basic exhibition stand design ideas that can help you gather attention irrespective of your booth location.

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Table position is one of the important exhibition booth design ideas. At times when your exhibition booth location is not in immediate reach of the visitors, remember that text is just an attention drawer; the majority of the information should be presented verbally by your employees. Complimenting your table with technology, graphics, videos and other engaging media can effectively improve the display at your booth. Your choice of table display can get particularly innovative using a corner booth design, with the help an L-shaped table you can create a product display that can reach out more effectively to visitors on either side of your booth. You can place a table display on each corner of your booth, effectively making your marketing more visible to attendees at the corridor.


Engage your audience by doing product demos or scheduling presentations. Give away promotional items that link to your offering or company value. Whenever possible, allow the guest to interact in some or the other fashion. This intrigues them about what your company is offering and thus keeps them interested. This can be accomplished through touch screen programs, tablet games, or even handling products. Don’t consider the trade show and your corner booth design as a visual billboard. Instead, consider it as an interactive platform for your visitors to enter the headspace of your brand. An opportunity to experience your brand’s offering in a three-dimensional manner.


The Exhibition booth staff is the immediate face of your company and its culture at the exhibition. Irrespective of what your exhibition stand design ideas hold, Interactions that potential clients have with the both staff of the company can determine whether they want to do business with you. Having clearly defined roles for every staff member gives a level of comfort in knowing what is expected and how to accomplish the goal.

Friendly and outgoing individuals that are capable of addressing a diverse audience are necessary (do not mistake this with obnoxious and loud). Regardless of the mix, make sure that everyone is comfortable with their role.

Keep in mind that you still need to train your staff, regardless of their innate skills. Specialised training is needed to excel at a trade fair. Your staff will need to handle visitor inquiry, product presentation, and their time. Tactics that work in the office are unlikely to work at the trade fair. Also make sure that you keep your staff know what corner booths are and the layout of your corner booth design, because otherwise it will take them longer to get their bearing during the trade fair.

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Before the show reach out to any contacts you already have, you should ask the event organizer for the pre-registration list of attendees. It is wise to let them know you will be in attending the event and would like to meet.

You can use email or even telephone calls to promote your organization’s attendance. You can also promote your attendance on social media by trending certain hashtags that might develop interest in potential clients. Combine all this by creating a landing page which can act as a centralized source of information for your audience. You can also track analytics of digital; comparing it to the analytics of in-person.

During the show, stay active on social media and notify the attendees about the demos, promotions, and presentations you are currently doing. Build up the hype around the event within your communication and social media; this is will keep the visitors and other attendees interested. A creative promotional item can also increase traffic at your exhibition booth.

Almost 60 percent of trade show leads are never followed up. Don’t be a part of that statistic. Once you have gathered information from the event, follow up is vital to convert them into clients after the exhibition. Make sure any promises made during the exhibitions are kept. Send out an thanking email to anyone that provided contact information.  This is the appropriate stage to offer them something that shows your appreciation such as a special offer or exclusive information.  You can prepare a strategic nurture contact campaign with your sales team.

Don’t let your booth location define the success of your show. With proper strategies and eventful planning, even your back corner booth can generate new connections and an enjoyable brand experience for all.

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