Some helpful tips to help you navigate the exhibiting scene in Munich

Some helpful tips to help you navigate the exhibiting scene in Munich


Having an exhibition stand in Munich is an opportunity that offers great risk and reward. The city hosts well over 100 exhibition shows in a year, which makes it one of the most popular business destinations for exhibitors, worldwide. So essentially, any exhibitor who intends to participate in any show at Munich, has to compete with the best exhibition stands at any given exhibition show. Through preparation is a must!

Here are some helpful tips to help you take better decisions, when planning to exhibit in Munich.

Finding the right show

Firstly, before you even decide to get an exhibition stand in Munich you’ll need to decide which exhibition show will be the most productive use of your time, money, effort.  After all, if you have a farming business and hope that attending an exhibition show about forestry is going to expand your business to a new level. Then expect your visitors will have a hard time seeing the connection, no matter how attractive or innovative your exhibition stand design might be. Instead, peruse through every exhibition show in Munich and find the ones that either match or compliment the business you offer. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with results that come from thoroughly researching the show you plan to attend.

Create a bank of stand design ideas

Before you fall in love with your exhibition idea, it is recommended that you look up the most popular and common types of exhibition stand in Munich to get an idea on which design sensibilities are more likely to impress attendees during the show. So take your time to create a data bank of exhibition stand design ideas so that you can provide your exhibition stand designer with solid base of reference, which they can refer to when designing your exhibition stand.

Find a reliable exhibition stand designer

A reliable stand designer is a vital for ensuring that your exhibition stand in Munich is a success. When looking for a stand designer that is trustworthy here are some things to consider:

The number of years they have been active in Europe is an important factor to consider, since it informs you of two things. Firstly, that they are well-versed with all the laws and regulations in the exhibiting industry at Europe and secondly, that they have the expertise and knowledge needed to create an exhibition stand design that rightly elevates your brand during the show.

Opt for exhibition stand designers that don’t outsource any part of your stand design to third party contractors. They should have their own local manufacturing unit to build your stand and a printing facility to create your exhibition graphic design. The benefits for this is oblivious, not only would keep a pulse on the progress of your exhibition stand. But also, you’ll get the added assurance that your stand design will be delivered on-time in one piece.

After you’ve shortlisted exhibition stand designers that you feel are trustworthy. Compare the kind of services they provide. If you can’t find it listed anywhere don’t hesitate to contact them, since this will clarify the services that are specific to your exhibition stand in Munich.

To reduce the stress, an exhibition stand rental is a good option since then storage and transportation doesn’t become an issue. Furthermore, exhibition stand designers that are able to deliver your exhibition stand to the show is great positive to have. If they provide on-site installation and dismantling for exhibition stand at the show then that’s even better. Consider exhibition stand designers who are able to do provide all the above, since that will save you a lot of grief prior and during the show.

To conclude, we hope that you’ve found these tips useful and feel better equipped when planning for an exhibition stand in Munich.

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