Why exhibition stands hire is your best bet

Many exhibitors are opting for hired exhibition stands off late. The exhibition market is openly embracing the hiring option since it has proven to be extremely beneficial for many companies.

Here, we help you understand why hiring a stand is a better option than purchasing one.

It is a cost effective option

A custom exhibition stand design and build may give you the advantage of personalizing the stand according to your preference and liking but more elaborate and intricate the stand, more the price. This is when exhibition stands hire come to the rescue. They are relatively cheaper than personalized stands but they look incredible nonetheless. A personalized stand cost more and the cost is subject to change depending on your brief and requirements. On the other hand the price of exhibition stands hire is constant. There is transparency in the cost irrespective of whether you are a multi-national company or a start-up. Also since the price is standard it makes thing easier for you, especially while managing your funds. Your exhibition stand builder will give you a clear quotation while hiring which will help you to plan your budget accordingly.

Exhibition stands on hire is the best option for first-time exhibitors

Many exhibition stand design companies recommend the hiring option to first-time exhibitors. Purchasing a stand is a long time commitment. If you have been in the industry long enough and have been exhibiting for a while then purchasing a stand is a profitable option for the long run. For a start-up investing money in a stand you do not know when you are going to use next is a risky investment. Even if you are a long-standing company but haven’t ventured into exhibition then it is recommended you invest in exhibition stands on hire and steer clear of purchasing. Hiring a stand for your first exhibition is beneficial for you in more than one ways. First, you do not have to spend much on the stand itself. By the end of the exhibition, you will know what changes you need to make in your marketing strategy and your exhibition stand design and build. It will also give you a good idea on whether or not you should participate in exhibitions regularly.

There is scope for modification

Many brands do not prefer to repeat their stand designs. Changing your exhibition stand design and build for various events can give you a fresh look each time. Exhibition stands on hire can help you tremendously in this aspect. You can hire different types of stands for various events without exceeding your assigned budget. A new stand for each exhibition increases brand value and helps you incorporate the new marketing aspects as well. For new strategies or a new marketing approach exhibition stands hire can accomplish a great deal.

Start-up friendly option

A new company more often than not adopts the trial and error method before venturing into unfamiliar territory. Obviously there are several budget constraints as well especially if you are a start-up. For such companies, hiring is more beneficial and a fail-safe option. When you are already on a budget purchasing a stand blocks your funds. You are still in the experimenting phase and committing to a particular stand can be quite risky as this stage. After your first exhibition, you will get definite answers to many questions like whether you need a bigger stand or a smaller one, whether the stand’s style and design clicked with your audience and what kind of stand would you prefer for the next exhibition. Hence, hiring a stand from a good exhibition stand contractor is a better option for you than purchasing.

Hiring exhibition stands is a cost-effective and smarter option. It is gradually gaining a lot of popularity in the Indian market as well.



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