How the Aquatech shows became integral to Peter Taboda’s networking strategies

Peter Taboada is a Spanish B2B company that builds water treatment systems.They’re experts at designing machinery for water sanitization and consult on projects related to the manufacturing and maintenance of water treatment plants. The company had a positive experience at Aquatech before and planned to exhibit at Aquatech Amsterdam 2019.

After a satisfying experience with Expo Exhibition Stands at Aquatech last year, they partnered up once more with the Expo team. For 2019’s show, Peter Taboada wanted to focus on networking and exploring new business opportunities.


By this point, Peter Taboada had participated at the show multiple times and had established a brand presence.  The Expo team built their milestones based on their prior experience with Peter Taboada and their current requirements.

Make it easy for the company to exhibit regularly, with minimal supervision

Leverage the brand’s image and its offerings through its stand design to attract veteran industrialists

Target visitors who are interested in networking and looking for business opportunities


Expo Exhibition Stands had over 40 years of experience helping international clients manage their exhibition projects in Europe. After Peter Taboda had submitted their brief:

A project manager from the company’s office at Amsterdam was assigned for handling their stand. To ensure that someone at a local level was available to manage their project and resolve issues.

Their stand design was supervised at Expo's manufacturing unit in Apeldoorn, which safeguarded their stand from any delays during transport

The stand design itself utilized a modular structure fitted with fabric-made graphics. The graphics showcased complex machinery designed by Peter Taboada to appeal experts.

The Expo team installed a plain, white wall with Peter Taboada’s logo to contrast the booth’s graphics. This wall was back-lit to grab the attention of visitors.

An LCD screen for company presentations countered the blandness of the pantry wall.

High chairs and tables were provided for the sales team to engage with prospects.


Peter Taboada networked with their target audience extensively. They were also pleased with how Expo Exhibition Stands handled their project.



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