Ending a conversation with a booth visitor

Exhibitions around the world are conducted so that companies from different sectors and from different part of the world are able to showcase their products and services which will eventually help them grow in the global market churning out more profits and recognition. The main reason why companies participate in trade shows and invest a good amount of money in exhibition stand ideas is to meet new potential clients which can help them grow their business. Creative exhibition stand ideas ensure maximum crowd at your booth giving more possibilities o grow your business.

Keeping above facts in mind, you may do lots of promotion and hire a separate team to come up with innovative exhibition stand ideas ahead of the show to draw attention to your booth and you certainly will try your best during the event to encourage people to come and talk with you about your company’s profile and their requirements

That being said, there comes a time when you need to end a conversation, and it is more difficult than it may seem.

There could be four reasons why you should end a conversation with a visitor.

You have finished evaluating the visitor’s worth by asking and answering the sets of queries. When you see that the conversation might go on social grounds, it might well be a good time to end it.

After your qualifying process, you understand he has very low potential thus there’s no need drag the conversation further along.

The client at your exhibition stand may be very nice and present lots of opportunities and ideas but this isn’t the place to find out. It is time for you to agree on the next steps (meeting, contract, phone call, etc.) thus ending the conversation.

It might not be a right excuse to end a conversation just because other visitors are waiting to visit your exhibition stand. Every conversation is public. Don’t let other visitors wait and directly integrate them into your current conversation.

Ending a conversation can be difficult because you do not want to appear to be rude or offense your visitor.

Here’s how you can end a conversation with a visitor at your exhibition stand:

You might face situations where you have all you need and your visitor’s questions have found answers. You have already discussed the next steps; it is time to end the conversation. Use may use concluding sentences like ‘Really glad we could work together, I will follow-up with you shortly’.

The visitor at your exhibition stand has very low potential and you don’t want to spend any more time but you don’t want to offend him or her either. You can end the conversation on good note by saying ‘It was great talking with you, I hope you’ll enjoy the rest of the show!’

When you are in the conversation with the visitor or the client at your booth, your qualifying process shows that the client has potential but he or she isn’t ready to buy yet. You will need to nurture this lead before you could turn it into a paying customer. You may end the conversation with ‘Thank you very much for your time, I will send you additional information shortly and I hope that shall answer all your queries.

Your visitor is incredibly talkative and none of the techniques that we discussed above would work with him or her. Use a diplomatic sentence so that you don’t come off rude and offend the visitor thereby tarnishing your and the company’s reputation. Sentence like one mentioned below might help

‘I’m really sorry but I must help my colleagues. Maybe you could come back later to continue this discussion?’

It is as important to end a conversation in your exhibition stand is as important as it is to start. It is not advisable to waste time or opportunities just because you are too shy to stop a discussion.




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