How to give a European flair to your exhibit

How to give a European flair to your exhibit

In Europe, trade shows are majorly focused on showcasing the whole brand image or personality and not just showing the product line. If you can bring in quality, detail, functionality, and longevity to your trade fair exhibit, it will become easy for you to comply with European standards and give a European taste to your trade show booth.

The following basic principles along with creative ideas for trade show booths from your trade show booth builders will help you comply with European-style trade fair exhibit

The three C’s of design line – clean, crisp and chic

Design your exhibit with clarity in mind

Convey your brand message through low-key and attention-grabbing aesthetics

Use light-weight, premium-quality and high-tech materials to build your trade show booth. This will help reduce the labour cost

Use a strong base which can handle aluminium extrusions and become the backbone of your whole design and assembly of elements

Your booth should be durable, modular and transportable

What will attract visitors and what will make them remember you?

Colour – People’s reaction to colours depend on their cultural, historical and personal background. European’s prefer achromatic colour such as white, black, grey, and silver. You can also use warm colours like red, orange, and yellow, as they can have a stimulating effect.  So colour study is a must!

Movement – This means keep the momentum going at your trade show booth. Whether it’s interacting with people, getting people to indulge in your booth technology, or giving live presentations and demos, make sure you grab visitor’s attention when they walk past your booth.

Theme – It is recommended to set a theme if it applies to your brand. It makes a huge impact on the visitor’s perception. Your theme will depend on how you want to come across as a brand – ethical, artistic or avant-garde. Again this is something you need to explain to your booth builder in Europe.

Aroma – A delightful aroma can set the ambience and mood.

Single big idea – Maybe you can have a simple big idea such as making people experience through Augmented Reality in a fun and entertaining way.

Comfy chairs – If you are expecting a lot of meetings at your booth, ensure to make your attendees comfortable with comfy experiences, which can have a lasting effect.

Interactions – The more interaction you have with your attendees, the more visitors you will attract to your booth. So keep the interactions going.

So when looking for trade show booth hire in Europe, you need to make sure that they provide holistic stand designing services, including consultation, concept development, designing and building, graphics and project management. Make sure you select a trade show booth design company which is transparent about its trade show booth prices.

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