How to Go Green with your Exhibition Stand Design and Build

What are the parameters of the best exhibition stand design for you? Perhaps something that evokes a reaction, serves the purpose, fulfils your exhibiting need, and enhances your attendees’ experience. Well, for your exhibition stand designer, parameters for creating a successful exhibit can vary in accordance with new technologies, construction materials, and brand identities. In this post, we will talk about how a professional designer approaches an exhibition stand design and build. How they keep abreast with the latest innovations to ensure that the stand designs they create are reusable and sustainable. Their creative ideas for exhibition stands go in tandem with the newest innovations in the exhibition industry.

In an ideal scenario, exhibition design materials that come from recycled products are the best way to go green. But they are likely to be costlier than the standard materials, and exhibitors don’t want to bear the brunt of those premium costs. Going green does not mean you need to buy a product labelled “green”; to rent or hire exhibition stands is also an environment-friendly approach as it allows you to cut down on production waste. Similarly, your fabric can be “green” if it’s light-weight and helps reduce shipping volume, which in turn, reduces the fuel consumption. And if your designer uses dye-sublimation on the fabric, it will further cut down the weight. This means using the right technology is another way to jump on the go-green bandwagon.

Introduction of technology in designing

With advancement in technology, going green has become more about processes and less about products. Reusing and recycling anything you already posses also contribute to sustainability. Exhibition designers started embracing processes that help create lighter and modular stand structures. And exhibitors started giving more importance to attributes like flexibility and durability. And there isn’t anything more flexible than fabric. The latest Dye-sublimation printing technology is often done on light-weight fabrics, which are sustainable, and versatile.

Designers these days are using construction materials like wood to make recycling and repurposing easy. Mounting a decorative material on any construction material tends to hinder the recycling and reuse chain. Many designers these days are trying to use construction material as decorative materials to reduce the labour cost and increase the potential of recycling and sustainability. Paper products, bamboo, aluminium-extrusion systems, glass and recyclable plastics are some of the prime examples of such construction materials. Some designers refer to these materials as low-grade construction materials as they incur less production costs.

Plastics – Overlooked and misunderstood

Surprisingly, plastics, such as copolymers, are also turning out to be more favourable and eco-friendly alternatives for exhibition stand design and build. Molded copolymers are usually overlooked and misunderstood; some of these copolymers such as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic can be molded into a variety of shapes and thicknesses. Designers can experiment with a variety of colours, textures and surface finishes by using such plastics. They also fulfil the varying fire-retardant regulation across the world. Not only they are more cost-effective, but also durable than laminates and require less maintenance in comparison to wood-based structures.

In addition to using dye-sublimation technology for exhibit graphics, many exhibitors are now turning to digital technology to communicate with their customers. If you opt for a fully bespoke exhibition stand design and build, integrating the latest technologies such as virtual reality headsets, touch-screens interfaces, flat-screen monitors and LEDs for on-stand live presentation becomes easier. It goes without saying that investing in these advanced technologies is a sustainable solution as you can use them over and over for your trade shows and other marketing purposes. And your fully customised stands can be recycled and repurposed by your exhibition stand designers once the show is over.

Your exhibition stand manufacturer can always help you to install gadgets and equipment in a variety of ways to make your stand the talk of the show. Integrating latest technologies like augmented reality can be challenging for many exhibition stand designers, but if you have a clear picture of what all technologies you want on your exhibition stand, an expert designer can always design an innovative stand which can be equipped with latest features and gadgets.

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